Unanimous Approval for Phase III Peñasco’s Reactivation Plan

Press Release.  June 9, 2020.

The Municipal Health and Safety Board unanimously approved Phase III of the city’s “Peñasco Activates” program, to begin June 16th as planned.  This includes 70% capacity at resorts and condos, 40% capacity for hotels, and 100% available capacity for rental homes.

Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro thanked members of the Board for their participation, having been able to achieve proposed objectives in Phase I and II while maintaining a low rate of covid-19 cases. This has allowed for the gradual reopening of activities deemed non-essential to reactivate the city’s economy.

He detailed, on June 16th, entry will be allowed to visitors solely who can accredit they have a reservation at locations detailed above, emphasizing access will be restricted for those without a reservation or wishing to stay at individual homes or with families, as there is no control of health measures or healthy distancing in homes.

“It will be mandatory to show an official ID, present a reservation document for hotel, condominium, rental home, or something similar. In addition, people will have to go through the safety and health protocol including thermal cameras, sanitizing tunnel, sanitizing of vehicle, and established measures,” he detailed.

In addition, authorization was approved for reopening of pools at resorts and hotels, which does not encompass pools for commercial use or private residences. Similarly, authorization was given for use of the Federal Concession part of the beach, which will be monitored by security guards at each resort, this does not authorize swimming at the city’s different beaches.

Depending on the overall health emergency, and to be evaluated in due course by the Municipal Health & Safety Board, approval was given for the possible July 15th opening of beaches, tourism areas (malecón and others), movie theaters, holding of social events, graduations, sports events, contracting of musical groups, gyms, nightclubs, entertainment centers, auditorium, aquatic activities, individual arts schools, pool rental areas, and other activities.

At the meeting, Sonora Secretary of Health Enrique Claussen Iberri participated via phone to congratulate the members of the Municipal Health & Safety Board, as well as Mayor Kiko Munro, because Puerto Peñasco was and continues to be an example to follow for other municipalities in the State.

“They took very drastic, very stringent measures, and now this provides results and the road to open the economy sooner, to open businesses and the ports for tourists,” stated Claussen, “They will have to do so gradually, steadily, but what can I tell the people of Puerto Peñasco if they’ve been an example for the state of Sonora.”

Mayor Kiko Munro indicated, “more than 4500 jobs have been reactivated in phases 1 and 2, and we’ve had a little more mobility for workers and people who could go to non-essential businesses and stores that were now able to open. In addition, more than 700 people from Puerto Peñasco who had been outside the health filter were able to return. This was a tremendous achievement that brought joy to many families.”

“Phase III,” he detailed, “consists of allowing entry to tourists for there to be more work and more economic revenue for our families. People of Rocky Point who work in the tourism sector, which represents over 77% of the city’s income, are already getting prepared and training to be able to return to work and provide for their families.  The goal of the Peñasco Activates Plan is that our families have their health as well as income to be able to progress, while always caring for their health and safety and in the understanding that the coronavirus is here to stay.”



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