Two young women from Puerto Peñasco selected for Girls’ Voices for Change

Two young women of the “Navegantes de Puerto Peñasco” scout group are among top 10 participants in the international “Girls’ Voices for Change” contest! Now, your vote can help them Change the Planet!

Scout leader, Paloma Valdivia Jimenez, detailed Gala Solis Barajas from CETMAR high school, and Emilia Gonzalez from CAM Montealban, were among ten finalists in the Photo Essay category “Change for the Planet.” The contest, organized by the Greater Good Organization, included entries from more than 300 projects from around the world.

Valdivia Jiménez invites the entire community to help the girls, now through December 13th, by voting for their contest entries: “Bye plastic on the Beach” (Solis) and “Speak out for Nature” (González) at  Girls’ Voices for Change     Scroll to the category “Photo Essay Entries – Change for the Planet”. You may vote only once every 24 hours.

Valdivia Jiménez, who in addition to being a Scout leader is also the Education and Liaison Manager for the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO), stressed the girls’ achievements are definitely reasons for pride and satisfaction. She explained both Gala and Emilia submitted independent though complementary projects aimed at reducing the amount of waste in the Morua Estuary. The projects will also earn both of them their World Scout Environmental badges.

CEDO Director Nélida Barajas Acosta detailed their support for Gala and Emilia in the Girls’ Voices for Change contest. She noted if their projects are selected, this will provide a firm step toward putting these initiatives into action.

“We are convinced,” emphasized Barajas Acosta, “these projects will not only promote an environmental culture in managing waste in Puerto Peñasco, which would benefit everyone, but also provide an example of the work being done by Peñasco’s young women.”

girls-voices-for-change-1200x360 Two young women from Puerto Peñasco selected for Girls’ Voices for Change



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