Two ventilators donated to fortify local medical institutions

By José Antonio Pérez

Two breathing ventilators, made possible through private initiatives, were donated to Puerto Peñasco recently in order to better tend to cases of Covid-19 if presented in town.

Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro detailed the specialized equipment was donated by Encántame Towers, represented by Miguel Guevara, as well as Gallera Maynez of Guillermo Zepeda, in solidarity with local efforts in the healthcare realm, though no Covid-19 cases have been confirmed to date in the municipality.

ventilators-2 Two ventilators donated to fortify local medical institutions

With these two additional ventilators, this brings the total number of such equipment in town to 5, for operation as necessary at the different health centers.

Mayor Munro stressed he hopes these ventilators do not have to be used at this time, though it is reassuring to have more on hand to help save lives. He also instructed Municipal Health Coordinator, Dr. Oscar Castro, to see how many of the 75 ventilators recently announced by Governor Claudia Pavlovich for Sonora may be allocated to Puerto Peñasco.

ventilators-3-1200x675 Two ventilators donated to fortify local medical institutions

These ventilators complement the various types of material being distributed to local clinics and hospitals by the Municipal Health Coordination, which has included: an isolation gurney, 178 protective suits and 178 N-95 masks, 20,000 mouth/nose coverings, 10,000 pairs of gloves, 1000 liters of disinfectant sanitizing gel, 53 medical overalls, 2 spray pumps, a thermobulizer for fumigating, 1500 refillable bottles for sanitizing gel, 20 gallons of bleach, and 20 gallons of pine disinfectant.

Additional prevention and containment measures include sanitation tunnels, one at the entrance to town along the Sonoyta-Peñasco highway, and another to be set up at Shrimp Park for use by individuals with activities in public.



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