Turtle hatching season begins!

On Saturday, Oct. 14th, the first 28 baby sea turtles were released back into the Sea of Cortez, following a gestation period of 46 days during which time the eggs were kept in incubation.  This comes following an unprecedented number of turtle nests in the Puerto Peñasco area this year, resulting in at least 18 nests and more than 800 eggs laid by olive ridley sea turtles along the coasts of the region.

Itzel Carolina Cárdenas, biologist from the Vidanta group and authorized by the Federal Environmental Protection Office (PROFEPA) to incubate the eggs from the turtle nests, explained the number of nests in the region more than tripled this year though they are unsure as to why.

Nevertheless, given the high temperatures registered in the port, along with the drastic tide changes, it was necessary to remove the nests in order to incubate the eggs in styrofoam ice chests during the 46-day gestation period.

She emphasized the increase in nests, along with the turtle hatching, represents tremendous hope for the vulnerable olive ridley turtle.

Cardenas reported 11 turtle nests were put into incubation this year, while another 7 were detected along beaches in more remote parts of the coastline.   The turtles begin hatching after 46 days and are then taken back to the spot where the nest was found so the turtles can make their way back to the sea.



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