Tourism Secretary emphasizes Mexico must connect with world and diversify markets

By José Antonio Perez

In the current environment of uncertainty, tourism can be a tremendous antidote in countering isolationist tendencies  that represent a false sense of security, affirmed Mexico Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid Cordero during a tour to Puerto Peñasco with Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich.

In meeting this goal, De la Madrid emphasized ways to invest in tourism should be provided, which is the objective of the Tourism Office’s programs “Let’s travel through Mexico,” “Improve your Hotel,” and “Connect with Tourism,” presented at the Peñasco Convention Center during his visit.

He highlighted the need for Mexico to connect further with the world while diversifying markets and connecting Mexicans themselves with Mexico, which is a central point of “Let’s Travel Through Mexico.”

De la Madrid emphasized there are tremendous challenges ahead in confronting a trend of isolationist policies that create a false sense of security, noting “as if hiding in a cave were the best solution.”  He stated the Federal Government seeks for tourism to be an economic engine, one that continues to grow as it has in recent years. He noted tourism can be an antidote precisely in confronting isolationist policies within the current global sphere.

What is needed, he detailed, is to draw many more people from abroad to Mexico so they can truly see who and what we are, thereby challenging distorted views of Mexicans.  “We need to invite people to come and see investment in the country is not done solely because there is cheap labor,” he expressed, “but rather because Mexicans are qualified and the cost of production in the U.S. is 20% more than in Mexico.”

In the specific case of Puerto Peñasco, remarked the Secretary of Tourism, joint promotion must be sought in attracting both tourism and investment.  He pointed to important projects and investment, noting joint review is needed to seek how to best work on promoting this extraordinary destination, which will in turn create opportunities for local residents but also for the country.

Similarly, Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano stated during these difficult times there are also opportunities. An example of this, she remarked, is the Arizona-SonoraMegaRegion agreed upon between her administration and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

In breaking paradigms and glass ceilings, Pavlovich Arellano highlighted tourism is a great alternative and opportunity for growth, as illustrated by Puerto Peñasco’s statistics of more than 2 million visitors in 2016 with an annual economic influx of 7.5 million pesos.

The Governor of Sonora emphasized now is a time to be open, not to hide, in seeking opportunities where possibly thought not to have existed. This is why there is tremendous work to be done in Puerto Peñasco in transforming it into an international level port, as it well deserves.



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