Tire-a-thon as part of addressing serious landfill issues

Mayor Kiko Munro was on hand recently for launch of the mega-shredding plant, on site at the city landfill for the next few weeks, which will process 5000 used tires daily.  The shredded material will then be taken to a cement plant in Hermosillo for recycled use for the construction industry.

This citywide “Tire-a-thon” campaign aims to shred and recycle nearly 200,000 tires as a first step to fully address concerns with the city’s obsolete landfill.  Collection sites remain in place at community centers across the city, as well as behind City Hall and at the landfill itself.

llantas-2-1200x675 Tire-a-thon as part of addressing serious landfill issues

During a brief ceremony held at the current city landfill, the mayor stressed the importance of this work as it represents one of the most eagerly awaited steps to put an end to health problems, as well as environmental and visual concerns surrounding the area.

The mayor acknowledged the current landfill, founded in 1999, has not been operating as such, which has caused a series of problems for the entire community of Puerto Peñasco.  He noted the municipal administration regained the reins on managing the landfill only two years ago, and scoffed at the notion that OOMISLIM (Sanitation) workers were intentionally setting fire to it.llantas-5-1200x800 Tire-a-thon as part of addressing serious landfill issues

Munro added that funds from the Rio Colorado Bridge Trust this year will be put toward building a new trash cell, with a useful life of ten years, that should be in operation prior to the end of the current municipal administration. This, he furthered, will provide for waste management to minimize the risk of fires as well as allow them to seal and eliminate over-saturated cells from the former landfill.

The city currently collects 65 tons of trash daily on average, underscoring the urgency for a new landfill that can duly process waste.  Though resources have been requested from the State for construction of a new landfill, the budgetary funds approved in 2019 and 2020 have not reached the city, stated the mayor.

Still, the current tire recycling measure is an important step toward fulling addressing problems with the landfill so that, within the short-term, the city can have a functional and appropriate site for waste management. 

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