Tiburones 2014 Season!

Baseball tiburones de puerto peñasco

The 2014 season of the Liga de Beisbol Profesional Norte de Sonora (LBPNS) gets underway today, April 9th, with opening games in Caborca, Cananea, and Cajeme. The 2013 Championship Tiburones of Puerto Peñasco face off against Rojos de Caborca tonight in Caborca, heading back for their first home games of the season (also against Caborca) for Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13th.

beisball-tiburones-estadio-leon-garcia Tiburones 2014 Season!

Recently, directors of the LBPNS detailed the 2014 season includes the Diablos from Hermosillo, Rojos of Caborca, Bravos from Cajeme, Mineros of Cananea, Vaqueros of Agua Prieta, and of course the 2013 Champs Tiburones from Puerto Peñasco.

Regular season games will run through early July, and this year’s All-Stars game is set to take place in Cananea toward the end of May.  Check at stadium for season tickets, as well as individual tickets that generally range in cost from 40 – 75 pesos. Game times vary between 6 – 7 p.m. Games are held at Francisco León Garía Stadium next to Plaza la Madre on Blvd. Juarez.

For more information on the 2014 LBPNS schedule, check the Rol de Juegos at: www.lbpns.com

2014 Tiburones Home Games (Regular Season)


12 – 13   vs. Rojos de Caborca

18 – 20   vs. Vaqueros de Agua Prieta

22 – 24   vs. Rojos de Caborca

29 – 5/1 vs. Bravos de Cajeme


5 – 11     vs.  Mineros de Cananea

16 – 18   vs. Diablos de Hermosillo

22 – 24   vs. Bravos de Cajeme

May 25th **All Star Game – Juego de Estrellas in Cananea, Sonora**

27 – 29   vs. Mineros de Cananea


3 – 5        vs. Rojos de Caborca

13 – 15    vs. Diablos de Hermosillo

17 – 19    vs. Bravos de Cajeme

24 – 26    vs. Vaqueros de Agua Prieta


1 – 3        vs. Mineros de Cananea



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