The Zarmalouloux in Rocky Point !

 This morning, as I headed for coffee, I was interested to see a pair of young travelers traveling down Blvd. Freemont on their bicycles. With just one look I could tell they were coming off a long trip and I wanted to learn more about them. Their bikes were laden with bags, their hair full of dreadlocks, their dress revealing a combination of jean shorts and biking jerseys. They stopped in Shrimp Plaza and bit-by-bit others of their group arrived. There were 4 men and 3 women in all who, after camping along the side of the road and biking a few hours in the morning, had made their entrance into Puerto Peñasco in search of a place where they could get some food and plan their day in the city. They had to work a bit to earn money, and then decide whether to continue their journey or wait until the next morning.

As I apprehensively approached the travelers, I introduced myself and accompanied them as they ordered and then devoured cheese sandwiches in Shrimp Plaza. This group, who call themselves Zarmalouloux, told me they had begun their journey 2 years ago in Paris where they launched their bike trip around the world. They first made their way to the south of Spain, and from there took a freighter to the Americas, arriving in Argentina where they disembarked in Buenos Aires. From there, they continued North, passing through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Central America, and across Mexico. They have done the entire trip on their bikes and lived off juggling in the streets, and singing in public places, to collect money. This all implies traveling simply, with only a few changes of clothing and some equipment for camping, cooking, and transporting water. Now, following two years of travel and adventures through three continents, the group had made their way to Puerto Peñasco, thrilled with having nearly crossed the entire Mexican Republic and now close to their next goal – San Francisco, CA.  After listening to their stories and escapades for a while, while learning about all the friends the group has gathered along the way, I was excited to be able to speak with them and extend a warm welcome to Puerto Peñasco.  Without even thinking about it, and perhaps in recognition of their tremendous achievements, I decided to treat them to their breakfast!

The world-tour cyclists later made their way to the area of the malecón to “work” for a while through juggling and song to collect money in order to help continue their journey. The remaining adventure is actually longer than the area already covered, yet the joy of the journey while getting to see so many places has motivated them to press on. Their plans from here are to make their way to San Francisco, CA, board a boat to Hong Kong, and return home to Paris, the City of Lights, by crossing through Asia and the Middle East.

We wish these hearty travelers and global adventurers the best of luck!  Zarmalouloux includes Sibylle, Audrey, Tan, Yann, Arthur, Cyril and Marian, the latter of whom is from Mexico City.  Bon voyage amigos, y Buena Suerte!



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