The Scouting Life

Contributed by Deb Turner

Approximately a year ago, a Scout troop (boys and girls 4-11-year old’s) in Peñasco was formed. A bit later, an older age (13+) troop (2) and seven months ago the San Rafael Scout Troop (3) (5-13-year-old) was formed at the community center Living Stones Ministry- 64th and Benito Juarez)

As the troops have grown we have been planning “lessons”, activities, guest speakers, etc.

Troop 1 (Hailey Villalobos and Marsha Hansen) Meet Tuesdays at 6:45 pm at Community Center Obrera

Troop 2 (Elizabeth) Meets Wednesdays at the community Center Esperanza (Lazaro Cardenas and 54th avenue) at 7:00 pm

Troop 3 Meets each Thursday at 6:30 at the San Rafael Community Center on 64th Avenue and Benito Juarez (2 blocks south of Lazaro Cardenas) This troop currently has 24 children. These leaders are David Sillas and Fernando Ramos with Alexia Franco and Rodrigo Franco as co-leaders.

Our troops are independent, neither American Scouts nor Mexican Scouts. We are known as Puerto Peñasco Scouting Project. We must do a variety of fundraising for activities, books, shirts, scarves, sashes, badges, supplies, camping equipment, etc. to subsidize the projects and events. We have plans for selling fidget spinners ($5.00 or $100.00 pesos each) with our scout logo imprinted. Other fundraising activities include: car washes, boat trips, coffee mugs, box can derby (selling sponsorships for the cars), dinners, etc.

Our activities have included: camping trips, visiting tide pools, Pinacate hiking presentations from D.A.R.E., Red Cross, Barbs Dog Rescue visit, picking up trash in neighborhood and repelling with paramedics from the Instituto UTPP (Universidad Tecnologica de Puerto Peñasco).

We are working with educating the young people of Peñasco to accomplish all we do, we need everyone’s support.

We are always looking for any type of camping equipment and of course, cash donations, We are currently investigating establishing a non-profit in the U.S. to offer tax receipts.

For more information, please contact:

Haley Villalobos      638-104-1515

Marsha Hansen       520-234-2577

Barb O                       638-114-2406

Deb Turner               638-386-8645

Rick Turner               638-107-6750

Cindy Hall                  638-105-2669




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