The (Mask) Helpers   Part 4 of…. Covid-19 Column

With Puerto Peñasco starting Phase I of a gradual reopening process (May 18 – 31st), health guidelines concerning the use of nose/mouth coverings when out in public remain in effect.  Throughout the corona-universe we have found ourselves in since late March, various individuals as well as organizations have jumped in to help precisely by making masks.

Grupo Colibri  (Hummingbird Group)

This 9 person team of volunteers (consisting of 8 women and 1 man) are sharing their time and skills to make washable cloth masks (with space for filters) for individuals otherwise not able to get one on their own.  By the first week of May the group had already made 5000 masks, and with plans to continue as needed.

colibri-voluntarios-1200x674 The (Mask) Helpers   Part 4 of…. Covid-19 Column

Dr. Jorge Cortés Lawrenz, who has promoted the project in different parts of Sonora, contacted local businesswoman Dora Icela Ramírez to help lead up the effort here in Puerto Peñasco. Dora details she was able to get resources to purchase the material, as well as eager volunteers to form what she dubbed Grupo Colibrí, …. In addition to providing family packets of 4 cloth masks to those unable to purchase their own, Grupo Colibrí has also distributed their masks to the Municipal Police, Health Coordination Office, Red Cross, Gastro 638 volunteers, as well as to supermarket, gas station, and pharmacy workers, among others.

For more information, contact Dora Icela at 6623-176672

Artists turned face mask makers

Naomi Black and Julia Spray are each long-time Puerto Peñasco residents, active community members and local artists whose easels often take on the form of sewing machines.  At the end of April, in response to a call from Steps of Love/AIMpenasco volunteers – who have prepared and distributed over 5200 week-long food packages since March 27 – both Naomi and Julia took to their respective nooks to put together cloth masks. These masks could then easily be put into the food packages to ensure those in need would be able to follow city health guidelines.  The washable masks, also with a spot for filters, flew out of the artists’ respective workshops.

Naomi has made nearly 900 masks so far, along with assistance from Isabel Musselman, who herself has made masks for Family of God’s lunch program. Six hundred of Naomi’s masks were made for the Steps of Love/AIM food bags, as well as for neighbors and several community members. From her home workshop, Julia has made over 200 additional masks for the food program.  What a work of art!

From the tattoo parlor to the sewing machine

When local tattoo artist Romero Chagoyan heard the request from Javier Piriano of Peñasco Strong for material to help make face masks as part of all-around efforts to confront coronavirus in Puerto Peñasco, he stepped up as best as he could. While his artistry is on skin, and not the sewing machine – he quickly realized the hygienic drapes he uses to cover clients could possibly do the job. With his own appointments on hold for the time being, why not put the material to work? Volunteers quickly stepped up with Javier, and the masks were made. The durable, washable masks have been distributed to the chefs and volunteers of Gastro 638, as well as housekeeping staff at health institutions, and other community members.

From the various corners of Puerto Peñasco, it continues to be incredible to see how the community has come together in so many ways to address ongoing challenges in this corona-universe.



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