Tapeo Cultural presents MEMUCO raffle

This Friday, Jan. 30th El Tapeo Wine Bar will host TAPEO Cultural, highlighting a raffle for a number of items done by Puerto Peñasco native and world-traveled artist Guillermo Munro Colosio (a.k.a. MEMUCO). In addition to his background in graphic design, MEMUCO’s work has included artwork for Greenpeace, individual shows in CA and Asia, and creation of “The Silent One” in an effort to continue to promote environmental awareness regarding endangered species in particular. Many of the items to be raffled off on Jan. 30th include images of the endangered vaquita marina found here in the Sea of Cortez.

Some of the raffle items for the evening include:

1 original MEMUCO painting 1.8 meters x 80 cm

4 MEMUCO t-shirts

4 MEMUCO covers for iphone 5 or 5s

5 MEMUCO autographed posters varying in size

5 books “Erase una vez una vaquita” by Guillermo Munro Palacio

2 books “No me da miedo morir” by Guillermo Munro Palacio

1 small mural measuring max. 2 meters high x 1.5 meters wide

*There are 23 raffle prizes in all*

Only 100 raffle tickets are available, with a cost of $20 US each and may be acquired through MEMUCO https://www.facebook.com/munrocolosio?fref=ts as well as from Hector Hans Munro Colosio at Zumwich (now open 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Blvd. Juarez).



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