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August 19, 2019

Taking to the skies: Skydive Rocky Point

If you happen to run by Gamma’s tacos on Ave. Sinaloa, a mural there depicts a time when skydivers could be seen over the skies of Puerto Peñasco.  If “Skydive Rocky Point” has its way, those days may be making a come back.

skydive Taking to the skies: Skydive Rocky PointThe skydiving endeavor, which has been flying over the skies of Puerto Vallarta is now setting up its first Tandem Skydiving offerings over Rocky Point for the dates July 24th – 26th.  Organizers explain that jumps will begin each day at 9 a.m., with the last flight taking off from the airport (Mar de Cortes International Airport) at 4:30 p.m., urging people to sign up for jumps ASAP to make sure you get to take to the skies with them.   As the date nears, organizers will confirm the landing area, which is where participants will meet in order to head out to the airport together.

Participants will receive a 10 minute class at the airport by instructors, before together boarding the plane and fly approximately 25 minutes to the altitude of 10,000 ft.  Organizers explain, “At approximately 8,000 feet we will get ready to jump. Attached safely to your tandem instructor you will free fall for approximately 45 seconds and then the parachute will gently open. You will enjoy a 5-7 minute ride under the canopy until we land safely at the landing area.”

For cost and payment information, including photo and video options, contact: email SKYDIVEROCKYPOINT@HOTMAIL.COM  or (322) 105-0960 AVAILABLE ON WHATSAP!

Minimum age is approximately 7 years old or 50 lbs, they must be large enough to fit securely in the harness. The maximum weight is 265 lbs, there is an additional charge for passengers over 200 lbs

skydive-rp-630x472 Taking to the skies: Skydive Rocky Point




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