80 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
June 16, 2019


2018 Whalewatching season afoot

By José Antonio Pérez Along with cooler temperatures in Puerto Peñasco comes the beginning of whalewatching season, with whales having been spotted as early as the first week of December about six miles from shore. Harbor Master Luis Castro Galán noted while whale sightings, as well as spottings of whale sharks, attract people to the […]

Orcas in Peñasco?

Though what has become annual “whale watching” season in Puerto Peñasco may still be about a month or more away, in mid-November a number of folk aboard EcoFun Rentals on their way to Isla San Jorge (Bird Island) were treated to a rare display of orcas (killer whales) in the Sea of Cortez. (It’s worth […]

Avistamiento de ballenas en Puerto Peñasco

Uno de los espectáculos naturales que ofrecen las playas de Puerto Peñasco es el avistamiento de ballenas, lo cual es más frecuente en los meses de enero a marzo. Esta especie migratoria desde las costas de Alaska llega al mar de Cortez a partir de noviembre para reproducirse y luego buscar otros destinos cuando inicia […]

A Whale of a Tale or a Tail of a Whale!

It began with a ripple. In the past week, many have spouted off accounts of whale sightings just off the shores of Puerto Peñasco. Sonoran Resort blogger Joe Houchin recently reported on the amazing display of whale-ry near the sands of Sandy Beach, “…not for just a fleeting moment, not just a glimpse on a […]