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August 17, 2019

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¡Copa de vino y Copa del Mundo! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown

This week’s Rundown sponsored by our Rocky Point Business Directory!  Have you been 360d? World Cup fever has grasped Puerto Peñasco and on Sunday morning the entire country will be watching Mexico battle it out against the Netherlands as both try to advance to the quarter finals. So, grab a café and a burrito and […]

Día de la Marina Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This week’s Rundown sponsored by our amigos at Capone’s June is nearly upon us. This means warmer and longer days, a rise in humidity, families strolling along the malecón, and lots of music, remembrance, and celebration. Let’s rundown the weekend and see what’s coming up this summer. 20th Marina Fest through June 1st – With […]

Expo Bacanora 2014 Don’t miss out!

Contributor Nina Mier This Saturday, May 24th, Expo Bacanora will take place for the first time here in Puerto Peñasco. As an exclusive for Rocky Point 360, last night I interviewed three of the organizers of the event: Martín Martínez, Eddie Wharez, and Carmen Martens, who kindly provided information not yet shared with any other […]

Make it Memorable! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This Weekend Rundown sponsored by John & Kathy Witt* It’s U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, and the beginning of Marina Fest in Puerto Peñasco! In addition to high expectations outlined by the local Convention and Visitors Bureau, just in chats around town we know that many rental agencies and hotels are already booked up! Needless to […]

Let’s golf! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This Weekend Rundown sponsored by RPR Mexico. Proud sponsors and hosts of SADR races and Circus Mexicus! Did anyone catch the full moon last night? Spectacular! Along with a majestic moon, early week winds have died down and things are heating up, especially for local golf courses! The Peninsula course at Mayan Palace will be […]

SADR will run Night Race in August

Southern Arizona Desert Racing to present Midnight Wreck Off-Road Race in late August, includes 4 laps on Friday night and 4 laps on Saturday night run in the opposite direction. It will be a 24 mile course from Sandy Beach to Cholla Bay. Information:  SADR

Arrrrr you ready? Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This week’s Rundown sponsored by John & Kathy Witt Welcome to April! With Spring Break under our belts, we now turn to the anticipation of Semana Santa, indeed the busiest two weeks for tourism in Puerto Peñasco (or at least it sure feels like it). Semana Santa begins April 13th (the week leading up to […]

Spring Break! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This week’s Rundown sponsored by Rocky Point Speedway. Sponsors of this weekend’s Glamis Status car races, late March Mud Run, and car racing thrills! With one look at swarms of baseball caps and bikinis streaming onto Puerto Peñasco’s beaches, not to mention scantily clad university students wandering through local grocery stores or chowing down late […]

Spring adventures for all ages!

In addition to Spring Breakers, Puerto Peñasco is also known as cherished stomping grounds for RV adventurers! Richard Scott recently caught up with an RV group getting ready to take in a sunset. By Richard Scott A caravan snakes across the border, perpetually southbound. RVers from all over the U.S and Canada head for warmer weather every Winter. For […]

Let’s Jam! Rocky Point Weekend Rundown

This week’s Rundown presented by The Club at Laguna del Mar Sounds like a whole lot of folk are having a whale of time in Rocky Point these days! January has been filled with whale sightings just off our shores, and many local boat trip providers happy to add whale watching tours to their usual […]

Día de Muertos – Rocky Point Weekend Rundown!

This week’s Rundown sponsored by FMI Rentals November is here! Yeah, we can’t believe it either. November 1st and 2nd in Mexico honor the traditional Day of the Dead, the 1st being dedicated to young children who have gone before us and November 2nd is Día de los Muertos when families and friends flock to […]

A cooking class with Chef Mickey two years in the making

Contributor: Robert Farrell I had been promising myself that I’d do it…I had been promising it to myself for a couple of years. Finally, over the Cinco de Mayo weekend, I fulfilled that promise: I took one of Chef Mickey’s cooking classes to expand my kitchen skills. Chef Mickey (Chef Mickey’s Place, Blvd. Fremont at […]

Rocky Point Triathlon 2013 – Hit the beach running!

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero The tides roll in and the tides roll out, and each Spring the Rocky Point Triathlon swims, rolls, and runs through Puerto Peñasco. On April 27th triathletes predominantly from across the Southwest and Mexico will once again take to the waves, sand, and roads surrounding Las Palomas Golf & Beach Resort, winding […]

Eclectic Culinary Delights aplenty!

Contributor: Susan Smiley Schramm If you’re stuck in a rut and finally figuring out that you are getting bored heading to the same ‘ole two or three favorite eating establishments in Penasco, then it’s time to open your mind to all sorts of alternatives. From fine dining to storefronts, to takeout to food carts, our […]