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May 19, 2019


Sonora Public Safety Secretary reinforces Puerto Peñasco during 2019 Spring Break

By José Antonio Pérez With the arrival of over 100,000 tourists to Puerto Peñasco over Spring Break, Sonora Public Safety Secretary David Anaya Cooley confirms they will be reinforcing the municipality with extra security in terms of agents, units, and equipment. State and municipal authorities are coordinating to visit beaches and other urban areas of […]

Safety, roads, and closing out 2017. RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

City closing out 2017 with important infrastructure projects Municipal Press Release Dec. 9, 2017  The municipal administration aims to close out 2017 firmly with a series of important infrastructure projects including roadways, remodeled public and recreational spaces, and revived tourist areas.  A 24.7 million peso investment to close out the year encompasses:  second phase of […]

Readying for Semana Santa. RockyPoint360 NewsWrap.

Red Cross receives new ambulance and four-wheelers By Susy Mazón March 31, 2017. The local Red Cross recently received the donation of an ambulance via the State Red Cross, and José González, together with two four-wheelers acquired at the cost of $2200 each. These now form part of the local Red Cross’ vehicle pool, which […]

Life is not always a beach

Beyond the unforgettable sunsets over the sea and fascinating desert backdrop of the Desert of Altar, challenges arise from time to time to life here in Puerto Peñasco. Over the fifteen years we’ve lived here, these issues have run the gamut of streets peppered with pot holes, spontaneous city lakes when it rains, flies, Summer […]

Mayor presents beach buoy project for tourist corridor

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. May 27, 2016.  With the goal of safeguarding the integrity of residents and visitors alike, Mayor Kiko Munro presented a Tourist Corridor Beach Buoy project to business leaders, authorities, and developers. The Mayor explained the Municipal Civil Protection Unit’s proposal is part of the comprehensive Clean Beach Certification project, currently promoted by […]

Spring Break – Semana Santa Safety Operative 2016

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. March 8, 2016. With the expected arrival of more than 150,000 visitors from both Mexico and abroad in coming weeks, authorities from the three levels of government launched the 2016 Spring Break-Semana Santa Vacation Operative, which will begin this weekend and conclude March 29th. The strategy for the 2016 Spring Break-Semana Santa […]

Exchange between Peñasco and Pima County emphasizes safety

“Puerto Peñasco is a safe place to visit and invest,” assured Pima County (AZ) Supervisor Ray Carroll on Monday as he stepped into the symbolic role of “Peñasco mayor” as part of an unprecedented exchange between Puerto Peñasco and Pima County (AZ). During a Monday morning conference with local press, Carroll stated he did not […]

Travel services & assistance – Fines, policia, y más

By Azucena Mazón & Shandra Keesecker-Rivero When vacationing in destinations such as Puerto Peñasco, a situation for visitors that may arise is not knowing precisely what to do in the event of being stopped by the police, paying fines, or even in the event of being detained or arrested. Although this tourist destination is close […]

Biking! It’s all the rage!

Part I There is an increasing wave of cyclists across the city. When you least expect it, two or three bikes zip by pedaling away at just about any given hour. You can see second-hand stores with various models for sale, as well as numerous bikes parked and locked up outside stores. Plus, there have […]

Spring Break Safety flyer distribution

Officials and employees from the Puerto Peñasco Comptroller office were at various spots throughout the city Saturday morning, handing out 3000 flyers to Spring visitors that go over both their rights and obligations while here on vacation. In addition to a welcome message from the Mayor, the pamphlet includes drivers’ rights as well as recommendations. […]

Peñasco safety measures ready to receive Spring visitors

The City of Puerto Peñasco has a safety program in place for vacation periods consisting of Spring Break and the upcoming Semana Santa holidays. With this goal in mind, Puerto Peñasco Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta and City Secretary Oscar Villavicencio recently met with representatives from the Secretary of the Navy, Attorney General, Federal and State […]

13th Rocky Point Rally wraps up with no deadly incidents

Police Commissioner reports five accidents over the weekend resulted in three injuries Press Release Security measures implemented by Puerto Peñasco Police Commissioner Luis Manuel Lugo Durón helped to ensure no deadly incidents during the 13th edition of the Rocky Point Rally, held from Nov. 7th – 10th. A report from the Public Municipal Safety Office […]

Puerto Peñasco not included in latest travel warnings

Mayor contends this will help continued promotion of city During an informational meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 6th, which brought together Puerto Peñasco Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, service providers, military authorities and police from the three levels of government, City Economic Director Ramón Alberto Fuentes Cruz reported Puerto Peñasco was not included within the most recent […]

A talk with Sonora Secretary of Public Safety

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero Ensuring citizens are the center of everything, on May 24th Sonoran Secretary of Public Safety, Ernesto Munro Palacio, made a stop through his hometown of Puerto Peñasco as part of Governor Padrés’ efforts to maintain clear communication between his administration and the community. People began filing into the Gerardo Portugal Martinez Municipal […]