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May 22, 2019


FotoSeptiembre 2013

As September nears, photographers anxiously await “FotoSeptiembre” exhibitions across the country. In Sonora, the official inauguration of FotoSeptiembre will take place on August 30th in Hermosillo. This year’s FotoSeptiembre Sonora image was created by Samuel Pérez Alarcón, Graphic Designer with a background of more than 10 years in design and publicity. His design was selected […]

Randy Vega: el artista consagrado de Peñasco

Among the various artists sharing their talents at this month’s summer camp “Traveling around the World” (organized by Cine Club Primera Toma, A.C.), the multi-faceted Randy Vega is assisting campers in the area of voice and song. Earlier this year, RockyPoint360’s MoKa Hammeken had a chance to sit down with Randy and learn more about […]

Seminario de Historia del Arte enfocado en la Pintura

Nearly 450 paintings, drawings, and sketches by graduating students from the recent Art History Seminar focused on painting were presented on Sunday, July 14th at the Municipal Auditorium. Cerca de 450 pinturas, dibujos y bocetos resultados del Seminario de Historia del Arte enfocado en la Pintura fueron presentados por los alumnos graduantes en el Auditorio […]

Funds from Municipal Cultural Development for local projects

City Press Release The Puerto Peñasco Office on Civic and Cultural Affairs has obtained 700,000 pesos to promote a total of nine projects as part of the Municipal Cultural Development Program of the Sonoran Institute of Culture (ISC) and the National Counsel for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA). The program, which includes the participation of […]

Convocan a la 14ª. Bienal de Artes Visuales del Noroeste

No. 0613130 HERMOSILLO, SONORA, JUNIO 25 DE 2013.- Ya se encuentra abierta la convocatoria para participar en la 14ª. Bienal de Artes Visuales del Noroeste 2013, la cual tiene el propósito de reconocer, fortalecer, estimular y difundir la creación artística en el noroeste de México. Invitation to participate in 14th Biennial Visual Arts of the […]

Claudia Platt Photo Exhibition in Hermosillo: Retrato de Familia

Claudia Platt: Retrato de familia / Family Portrait: continuity of timeworn photography A retelling of the families that we are. Idiosyncrasy, context, looks that speak about daily life. Looks, some of which, appear to lose themselves on the horizon. At the Bicentennial Gallery in Hermosillo, Sonora, Claudia Platt, photographer with a degree in Hispanic Literature, […]

Salomón: The young artist

As a continued celebration of Children’s Day, which was April 30th, we bring you an interview with one of our city’s young artists who at just 6 years old is already carving out a space in the local world of art. By MoKa Hammeken “By the artist.” That is the title I gave to a […]

Pedro Ultreras in rocky point - puerto peñasco

Pedro Ultreras in Puerto Peñasco

Thousands of years ago the wind and sands fought and from that struggle arose this town of arid scars ~ Eddie Wharez By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero Filmmaker and journalist Pedro Ultreras, originally from Durango (Mexico), may have hazy memories from his first trip with friends to Puerto Peñasco nearly a decade ago, though that will surely […]

Xoja en movimiento

The community of artists within Puerto Peñasco continues to grow. A welcome addition to this landscape is Xochitl Jasso (Xoja [pronounced So-Ha]), originally from Monterrey, with a theater background who moved to the area just last Fall and quickly jumped onto the Peñasco stage (literally). This past weekend, Xoja’s second group from a children’s theater […]

Inauguran oficialmente las Fiestas del 6 de Abril 2013

Inauguran oficialmente las Fiestas del 6 de Abril 2013 IV Coloquio Internacional de Historia, Cultura y Medio Ambiente  The traditional 6 de Abril Fiestas in Caborca officially got underway this Thursday, April 4th. Those attending the IV International Colloquium on History, Culture, and the Environment were part of the audience at the opening presentation led […]