Filmmaker Lisa Ovies encourages kindred spirits in Puerto Peñasco

On Tuesday, Nov. 18th, Canadian filmmaker Lisa Ovies put the finishing touches on an intense week of sharing her craft through workshops, press conferences, and the presentation of both a short and documentary that she has produced. The week wrapped up on the porch of Puerto Viejo Café with the presentation of the short film […]

Rocky Point 360 – All over the Radio

If there were a soundtrack to accompany Rocky Point 360, it would be filled with hot salsa, Americana rock, the passion of Mexican boleros, a dash of trop-rock, cumbia, a seasonal surge of banda, global rhythms, mariachi, reggae, and even a little bit of country from time to time. Plus, this soundtrack would continuously expand […]

Expo Bacanora 2014 Don’t miss out!

Contributor Nina Mier This Saturday, May 24th, Expo Bacanora will take place for the first time here in Puerto Peñasco. As an exclusive for Rocky Point 360, last night I interviewed three of the organizers of the event: Martín Martínez, Eddie Wharez, and Carmen Martens, who kindly provided information not yet shared with any other […]

Expo Bacanora Puerto Peñasco 2014 ¡No te la pierdas!

Colaboradora Nina Mier Este sábado, 24 de mayo por primera vez en Puerto Peñasco se llevará a cabo la Expo Bacanora 2014. En exclusiva para Rocky Point 360 ayer en la noche entrevisté a tres de los organizadores de la misma: Martín Martínez, Eddie Wharez, Carmen Martens, quienes muy amablemente me facilitaron datos que no […]

Anuncian programa del “Marina Fest”

Anuncian programa del “Marina Fest”  el cual se llevara a cabo del 23 de mayo al 01 de  junio organizado por la Asociación de Mujeres Profesionistas y de Negocios. El Día de la Marina será festejado con la vigésima edición de este tradicional festival  en la que  habrá presentaciones musicales  de diversos géneros, atracciones mecánicas, […]

“Hombres Valientes” Book Tour

A prophet in his own land [original in Spanish] After a series of events across Mexico for his most recent novel “Hombres Valientes”, author Guillermo Munro Palacio presented his literary piece in his own land, Puerto Peñasco, before dozens of friends, family, and new readers. Breaking from the paradigm that no one is a prophet […]

Meet the Artisans: Artesanos en Movimiento

As temperatures warm, the bi-monthly Mermaid’s Arts Market is getting ready to wrap up their outdoor season at Shrimp Park on Saturday, May 17th. The Mermaids are set to move indoors for a show on June 7 and again around Labor Day, both to be held in the lobby of Sonoran Spa. Yet, three frequent […]

Meet the artisans: Jesu and Gabriel

By Wendy Fregozo (Text and photos) One Saturday afternoon, I remembered that Jesusa Ivonne (“Jesu” as we call her) had mentioned she had some items from the sea that I need when making my candles. Being near her house, I took the opportunity to stop by. I never imagined what I would find. I found […]

Destiny Dance Academy dances across borders!

Destiny Dance Represents Penasco in International Competition, Wins Platinum and Gold “The floor is here!” Just last week, Destiny Dance Academy owner and instructor Marisa Arellano exclaimed the dance academy’s sturdy new dance floor had arrived. This comes after numerous fundraisers, including a stellar performance of The Nutcracker ballet last December, and community presentations by […]

Convocatoria para Programa de Desarrollo Cultural Municipal 2014-15

ISC firma convenios con 20 municipios de Sonora que participan en el Programa de Desarrollo Cultural Municipal The Sonoran Institute of Culture (ISC) has signed agreements with 20 municipalities across Sonora who participate in the yearly Municipal Cultural Development Program.  This yearly program provides cultural grants to individuals and groups for the development and promotion […]

8th Caminos de Kino Hike

The City of Puerto Peñasco, through the Office on Citizens’ Affairs along with the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar Biosphere Reserve, extend an invitation to the 8th hike “Por los Caminos de Kino” – in honor of Padre Kino’s exploration of the area. March 29 – 30, 2014 * Camping is optional March 29  […]

Caldo de Queso / Cheese Broth

“What do you say, before we do anything else, you go get stuff to make a caldito de queso? That way everything is ready for tomorrow,” my mom said one Saturday morning. As long as I can remember, it’s been a tradition in my family to make caldo (broth) when the family gets together, or […]

More than 100 students enroll in new Arts Program

The new Arts Initiation Program in Puerto Peñasco, associated with the National Fine Arts Institute (INBA), began classes this week with more than 100 children enrolled. An electrifying atmosphere could be felt outside Casa Juárez and the Kiosko del Arte this week while more than 100 children, accompanied by their parents, looked for their names […]

Photo exhibition celebrates indigenous traditions

The period of Lent and Holy Week constitutes an exceptional time for the indigenous peoples of Latin America. Through ceremonies in accordance with their faith, communities seek to atone for sins or ask for the well-being of their family or society, through acts of sacrifice. (Perhaps one of the most well-known demonstrations during Lent in […]

Socorro González: Elusive visual artist

Socorro González and his wife Nina Mier are synonymous with art, literature, film, and cultural promotion in Puerto Peñasco, and across the region. Ever since Socorro’s own Foto-septiembre exhibition “Intromisiones” late last year, MoKa Hammeken of Rocky Point 360 has been anxious to catch up with him.  Here are some excerpts (in English) from her […]