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June 16, 2019

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15 million pesos contemplated for beach improvements

By José Antonio Pérez Luis César García González, Operational Coordinator for ZOFEMAT (Federal Maritime Land Zone), reported Puerto Peñasco presented the ZOFEMAT Technical Committee with a 15 million peso investment proposal to go toward beach improvement projects. The funds, he detailed, represent resources yet to be used from income collected from the Federal Zone. The […]

Environmental audit favorable for Clean Beach recertification

By José Antonio Pérez Results from an environmental audit at the end of November confirm Puerto Peñasco will continue to be the only municipality in Sonora that offers a level 2 certified Clean Beach.  Puerto Peñasco first achieved Clean Beach certification in March 2017, for a 1.5-kilometer stretch extending from Playa Bonita toward Las Palomas […]

Beaches, roads, and into the skies. RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

Renewed flights anticipated for 2018 By José Antonio Pérez Dec. 1, 2017.  Fernando Antillón Valenzuela, Director of the Mar de Cortés International Airport in Puerto Peñasco, states work persists to renew air connectivity to the city in 2018, at least with flights to Tijuana.  He furthered there has also been important progress on measures to […]

News from the Beach! RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

Clean Beach Committee seeks to sustain clean beach certification By José Antonio Pérez Nov. 15, 2017.  Public and private entities across Puerto Peñasco have reached an agreement to pursue procedures to sustain the area’s Clean Beach Certification of March 2nd, for a stretch of beach along Playa Hermosa and Sandy Beach.  In a recent session […]

Sustainable Beaches. Robotics Champions. RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

Puerto Peñasco granted White Flag as Sustainable Clean Beach Press Release Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. June 9, 2017.  Puerto Peñasco was awarded the White Flag representing Sustainable Clean Beaches by the Federal Government during the XII National Clean Beach Meeting held in Bahías Banderas, Riviera del Estado de Nayarit. It is important to recall on March […]

Puerto Peñasco: First Clean Beach Certification in Sonora

Press Release: Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau. Photos: RockyPoint360.com, City Press office First in Sonora, and largest certified clean beach in the country. (Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. March 2, 2017) Finally, following combined efforts of the Clean Beach Committee, businesses, along with hotels and resorts in this city, as well as several governmental offices, the […]

Intense Beach Clean-up Campaigns from Puerto Lobos to Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Perez The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) launched an intense beach clean-up campaign during the first week of November in an effort to heal coastlines while raising environmental awareness. On November 4th, members from the community of Puerto Lobos in the municipality of Caborca, joined in the […]

Ramped up efforts for Clean Beach certification

Dozens of environmental and civil groups, along with the local administration, are carrying out a series of actions with eyes set on obtaining clean beach certification for Puerto Peñasco. These efforts include clean-up, security measures, new regulations, and preparations. In this case, the stretch of beach meant for certification begins near Hotel Playa Bonita and […]