Tábata Tales – Kitten Report

IMG_20150909_150953-630x630 Tábata Tales - Kitten ReportRemember when Tábata adopted four kittens in the park this summer? –> Of Cats and Dogs  

We present Biyou (or Ágata), Cécyl, Simone and Violet.

Tábata is a sea of patience, an excellent adoptive mother and honestly I don’t believe any one of them would’ve made it without her help. She knows what they need. She lets me know when their meowing is “something urgent,” they’re hungry, or even when they’re just stepping on and crawling over each other.

Tabata is sweet, very dedicated, and also ends up beat just about every day. Whenever I take them out, when they awake or when it’s time to eat, she smells them (I believe she counts them), licks them when their meowing becomes painful; if it’s not too much hassle, she gets right in with them, riles them up, and even…well…burps them. She is very attentive when she cleans them one by one.

Just recently they’ve started to show their personalities:

Simone – fussy, curious, and investigative

Ágata – seems to have strong character – when she doesn’t like something, she doesn’t like it – and when she wants something, she wants it! She is also the biggest.

Violet – her meowing is the strongest of them all, and she’s like candy that melts in your hand. She’s also the smallest, but quite an eater.

Cecyl – the Lion. He’s right in the middle and his meowing is like a roar. He’s tough, the last to wake up and the first to go to sleep.

If you are interested in hearing more about Tábata’s kittens – or adopting one – please let us know at info@rockypoint360.com



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