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August 24, 2019

Stretch of Blvd. Juarez toward Old Port reopened!

Traffic flow has resumed along Boulevard Juárez toward Old Port, after it was once again opened up to residents and visitors just before the busy Memorial Day Weekend.

Once paving work along Blvd. Juárez neared full completion on the stretch in front of City Hall, the street – which is one of the city’s main arteries – was reopened. Similarly, two way traffic has resumed on Blvd. Fremont near City Hall.

As part of the grander road construction program, work will now move toward renovating sewage lines, placement of LED lamps, and paving of Calle Coahuila (located on the East side of Plaza del Camarón and in front of the local Chamber of Commerce offices). This, which had been a detour route with work on Blvd. Juarez, will now be closed for a number of days.

This work forms part of a goal to use hydraulic concrete for paving projects, in which 60 million pesos in federal funds have been invested. Furthermore, this is part of establishing a tourism route along streets near the docks.

City Director of Public Projects, José Luis Villalobos, indicates there is still work to be done on details including curbs and sidewalks, as well as short stretches where workers will focus after the busy weekend.



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