79 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
June 20, 2019

Stingray watch and shuffle

By José Antonio Pérez

With hotter temperatures afoot, local Red Cross EMT Coordinator Miguel Angel Ibarra Lomeli reported a notable increase in sting ray incidents, and has issued an alert for beach goers to take precautions in helping to prevent stings.

Ibarra Lomelí detailed there were 140 reports of sting ray incidents in May and June alone, that while not dangerous are quite painful.  These numbers represent an average of between 25 to 30 incidents a week which, compared to the number of visitors, is considered low

A number of these incidents occur due to lack of knowledge about the animals, adding there should be more signage about them as people make their way to the beach.   A way to avoid being stung is by being cautious and shuffling your feet as you enter the water.

In the past, sting ray incidents occur principally between April and June, followed by jellyfish reports from June through August, which is why beach goers need to remain alert when heading into sea.  *NOTE:  Emergency # in Puerto Peñasco is 911*



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