State Tourism Commission promotes new Peñasco flight

The Sonora State Tourism Commission recently held a press conference at the renowned Hotel Sheraton in Mexico City to promote new commercial flights between Puerto Peñasco and the cities of Tijuana in Baja California, Cd. Juárez in Chihuahua, and Hermosillo.  The event included participation of the Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), Directors from TAR Airlines (, as well as members of Mexico’s Tourism Promotion Board (CPTM).

At the press conference in the country’s capital, it was announced TAR airlines will begin flights to Hermosillo, Cd. Juárez, and Tijuana with connection to Puerto Peñasco’s Mar de Cortés airport beginning July 21st, in further promoting tourism to Puerto Peñasco.

Travel agencies and press from the three destinations have been invited to attend the inaugural flight on July 21st.  At that time, the local Convention and Visitors Bureau of Peñasco and and its counterpart in Caborca, along with the Tourism Promotion Commission of Sonora (COFETUR), and TAR Airlines will be showcasing what Puerto Peñasco has to offer during a “familiarization trip” (FamTrip).

COFETUR Director Antonio Berumen, along with OCV Peñasco, have expressed their gratitude to Governor Claudia Pavlovich for her support in providing greater connectivity to Puerto Peñasco.  These efforts seek to promote aerial tourism to this beautiful tourist destination, which complements existing air taxis, charter flights, and private planes.

COFETUR Director Antonio Berumen detailed how tourism has increased in Sonora, and that Puerto Peñasco is the principal beach with the best tourism infrastructure in the state. He also emphasized the area’s natural landscape and quality of service.

Peñasco OCV President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado remarked upon Peñasco’s connectivity with the rest of the country as well as the advantages and opportunities TAR airlines is offering travelers.

“Peñasco is now a plan for tourism both nationally and from abroad, and now vacationers, those coming to conventions, and business people can get to know the beauty of Puerto Peñasco by air,” he stated.

Promotional campaigns that have been launched to promote the flights in different cities include:

For Hermosillo:  #PeñascoYaesPlan

For Juárez: “LaPlayaA1Hora

and Tijuana: #OtraRazonMasParaIrAPeñasco.

Those at the promotional event included TAR Airlines General Director Rodrigo Vásquez Colmenares, General Coordinator of the Sonora Tourism Commission Antonio Berumen Preciado, Cooperative Coordinator of the Mexican Tourism Board (CPTM) Cecilia Cruz Urquiza and Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, as well as Fernando Antillón, Director of the Mar de Cortés International Airport.



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