State Police maintain security efforts along Safety Corridor

Municipal Public Safety Commissioner José Tlaseca Méndez reported six State Public Safety Police patrols, along with twenty agents, are in Puerto Peñasco to strengthen efforts of the Peñasco Seguro and Safety Corridor programs.

Tlaseca Méndez affirmed the operative, in conjunction with the State Police, is within the city as well as along highways leading to Puerto Peñasco, particularly along the “Safety Corridor” stretch from Sonoyta to Peñasco.

The Safety Commissioner noted presence of State Public Safety Police will be until further notice, though will certainly be maintained as long as needed to strengthen preventive safety measures both for residents and visitors.  He added this effort is in response to Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro’s request to Sonora Public Safety Secretary, David Anaya, following incidents of violence in neighboring municipalities.



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