Start of Shrimp Season 2016!

One hundred twenty boats from Puerto Peñasco to take part in shrimp season, which began September 20th.

With an increase of 10% more large vessels over last year, the majority of local boats headed out days before the first day of the season so they could make their way to southern Sonora and up into areas where shrimping is allowed in the Gulf of California.

Hermenegildo Ramírez López, Head of the Puerto Peñasco Fishing Office, indicated expectations are for this season to be regular, with capture of nearly 1500 tons of shrimp, or rather “pink gold”.  This is after taking into account factors that could affect the season, such as storms and after-effects from hurricanes.  Another indicator, he remarked, is that during the first week of coastal shrimping there were only 435 tons captured. This number is well below that from the same time last year.




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