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April 21, 2019

Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco

espanol- Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

trash-mob-620x462 Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco
Photo: Penasco Trash Mob

To combat one of Puerto Peñasco’s persistently pesky problems, various groups have sprouted in recent months with the shared goal of cleaning up the city while working to raise awareness about trash disposal and, in some cases, recycling. Whether it be a trash army, city brigade, or mob, community members are exploring ways to get the word out on keeping the city clean!  Among these efforts is the Trash Mob, which held its most recent “mob” on Sunday, March 24th. Mob organizer, Larry Beaumont explains they invite everyone to come out with gloves and good spirits on mob-dates to help with this community clean-up effort. [For more information on joining the “mob”, contact: Larry Beaumont 602-363-2684  larrybeaumont@gmail.com or visit their blog: ].

1st-Mi-Penasco-Limpio-620x479 Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco
1st Place Mi Penasco Limpio

Another group that is growing, just in time for Spring, is that of Mi Peñasco Limpio (My Clean Peñasco). Mi Peñasco Limpio, a non-profit group of community members with no political or religious affiliations, was first imagined in December of last year by longtime Peñasco resident, supporter, and investor Carlos Saenz. His vision was to implement actions and strategies to raise awareness throughout the community as to the importance of keeping Peñasco clean, as “Mi Peñasco Limpio is really Nuestro (Our) Peñasco Limpio”. His ideas struck a chord with many like-minded folk and soon others joined Saenz in weekly conversations held each Saturday, 9 a.m. at the restaurant of Mar y Sol Hotel. Just before Spring this year, the group had formed a board and launched their initial campaigns to get their name out there. (President: Carlos Saenz, Treasurer: Alberto TerVeen, Secretary: Engineer Valente Cornejo, Communications: Eduardo Vallejo, and Follow-up: Prof. Octavio Ortega)

2nd-Mi-Penasco-Limpio-620x465 Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco
2nd place Mi Penasco Limpio

As a first step, Mi Peñasco Limpio drew on community involvement by opening up a logo creation contest, seeking to find an image to accurately represent the group’s goals. The quick-fire logo contest, which lasted about 10 days, managed to attract 17 entries that were then reduced to a top 3 by an outside judging panel, and finally decided upon by members of Mi Peñasco Limpio. While there were a number of worthy entrants, judges had to debate how closely entrants stuck to guidelines, including that of only using three-colors that could be easily reproduced for stickers, t-shirts, caps, and other paraphernalia.  Each of the three top winners received an iPod, with the 1st place winner also taking home an iPad! It is worth noting the prizes were provided by group visionary and President, Carlos Saenz. On March 21st, the first full-day of Spring, Mi Peñasco Limpio member and follow-up coordinator, Prof. Octavio Ortega, announced the winners as follows:

1st place: Rey David Montes
2nd place: Alejandrina Fajardo Valdez
3rd place: Juan José Fajardo Osorio

3rd-Mi-Penasco-Limpio-620x465 Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco
3rd place Mi Penasco Limpio

With a logo in place, Mi Peñasco Limpio announced their first group action for Saturday, March 23rd, consisting of members strategically placed at busy intersections in town, armed with both trash-bags and pamphlets reminding people to be conscientious about trash while on vacation. Future actions by the group are to include community clean-up contests, purposefully placed trash pick-up spots, and awareness campaigns concerning trash management, compost, and recycling. It is important to add Mi Peñasco Limpio is by no means meant to replace or take over any responsibilities of the City waste management office (Oomislim). Mi Peñasco Limpio currently has about 25 people within its ranks, and welcomes anyone interested to join in with their efforts to contact their Communications liaison: Eduardo Vallejo at eduardovallejov@hotmail.com  or cell: 638-113-0017.MG_1564--620x413 Spring Cleaning across Puerto Peñasco




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