Spring Break RP2020

Spring Break 2020 in Rocky Point will cover a good three weekend-span as ASU & UofA kick off vacation now March 8th – 14th, and NAU on its heels with their break from March 15th – 21st.  Semana Santa isn’t until April, so we don’t have that in the mix this year – though March 16th is a bank holiday in Mexico (in honor of March 21st Anniversary of Benito Juarez).

Fiestas abound up and down Rocky Points beaches and most popular dive bars. The Mirador is back in full-swing, kicking off this weekend with a Country Music bash at Manny’s, while DJs will be mixing it up from the Old Port to Skullyz, and live music hitting the indoor and outdoor stages at Wrecked or, if you prefer, more tranquil views of the bay with a cerveza in hand at JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay.

Have fun, stay safe, and for the love of all things beach…wash your hands!



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