“Sonoyta Detour Updates” on FB promotes travelers helping travelers

This past summer, those traveling back and forth to Puerto Peñasco through the Lukeville/Sonoyta crossing have encountered a detour in Sonoyta given replacement of the sole bridge in town. On most (dry) days, the detour is nothing more than an alternative route, sometimes accompanied with short lines heading both North and South. During this monsoon season, however, the detour can at times turn into a trickling river or nearly take on the role of roaring rapids.  In grasping the power of social networking, on Facebook the “Sonoyta Detour Updates” page has been created as a spot where ongoing updates from the detour/wash can be found, as well as where travelers can share their own experiences of crossing the Sonoyta Rapids of 2012.   The site is “updated” frequently by the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, RockyPoint360.com, and includes valuable contributions from local news sources, amigos, and the entire community.  The plan is to continue with updates on the page until the main city bridge is replaced in  Sonoyta (originally scheduled for sometime this Fall). If you are on FB, be sure to post a note about when you went through the detour/wash or any other additional useful notes.


In addition, those wishing to call for information from near the wash will find these numbers useful:

**Sonoyta Detour and “Wash Road” Report**

Sonoyta policia  (011-52)  651-512-0192

Federales station Sonoyta (011-52) (651) 512 1847

Note: We were asked to remove the Lukeville Port of Entry # as they can only provide info regarding border wait times and hours.




  1. Hi everyone as of 4 pm Friday Sept 14th , I just received a call from a home owner trying to get down to Choya Bay. They said, At the wash they had been turned around and were told they might be reopening the wash to cross at 6 pm. I will keep you posted as I get information.

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