Sonoran Resorts to develop The Sonoran Star

Sonoran Resorts recently confirmed plans to begin construction on The Sonoran Star, fifth in its family of seaside resorts. The new star of the show will be located along Playa Hermosa (between Gaviotas and Playa Bonita).

In a press release, the company detailed that, since 2001, Sonoran Resorts has shown time and again its attention to quality and detail. This has made their resorts among the most popular along the beach, with completion of Sonoran Spa in 2001, Sonoran Sea in 2003, Sonoran Sun in 2005, and Sonoran Sky in 2007.

sonoran-star-playa-hermosa-1200x675 Sonoran Resorts to develop The Sonoran Star

21 years of experience – plus 4 successful resorts – the company highlighted, has been combined to launch what will be The Sonoran Star.

sonoran-star-area-1200x675 Sonoran Resorts to develop The Sonoran Star

Currently in its design phase, the Sonoran Star Resort will grace a fantastic location while providing first-rate construction, amenities, and outstanding common areas.

Puerto Peñasco mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo detailed his administration is addressing steps for transfer of ownership, possible discounts, and other topics, though specific data on the new project is not yet available.

Mayor Pivac added the fact The Sonoran Star Resort will be situated on Playa Hermosa, historically one of the most frequented in the city, shouldn’t impact overall access, use, and enjoyment of that stretch of beach.



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