Sonoran Resorts ready for 2nd Charity Casino Night 5/25!

Sonoran-Resorts-Las-Vegas-Night-for-Charity-53 Sonoran Resorts ready for 2nd Charity Casino Night 5/25!Shuffle up and deal!  We’re just days away from hearing this at the 2nd Annual Sonoran Resorts Casino night for Charity, which this year will take over the 2nd floor of the Sonoran Sky conference facility. Activities get underway at 7 p.m., and just as last year’s magnificent first round, proceeds from the entire event are going to the local DIF. Joe Houchin from the Sonoran Resort blog fills us in all the details – here are some highlights and info you need to know to fully enjoy the night [Click here for full article]:

What? Que?  Casino Night for Charity / Noche de Casino para el DIF

Where? Donde? Sonoran Sky 2nd Floor Conference Center / 2do piso Sonoran Sky

When? Cuándo? Saturday, May 25 7 p.m. – 12 a.m. / sábado, 25 de mayo 7 p.m. – 12 a.m.

How much? Cuánto? Boletos generales $35 US y $60 US para entrar al torneo de Poker.   Tickets are $35 US – When you present or purchase your ticket at the door, your ticket stub will be good for $300 in “Charity Chips” and one entry into three raffles to be held during the night. There will also be an auction for some high-ticket items, plus gifts for the “big chippers” of the evening.

Sonoran-Resorts-Las-Vegas-Night-for-Charity-57 Sonoran Resorts ready for 2nd Charity Casino Night 5/25!As last year, there’s a Texas Hold’em tournament programmed for Poker aficionados – those tickets are $60 US and include a slew of additional benefits this year, including Charity Chips in case you’re knocked off the poker tables early.

Want to watch Casino night from afar?  There’s going to be “pay per view” opportunity, plus it’s an extra way to help DIF with your donation of just $5 US to get in on the SRPPV.  For the PPV option, go to and follow the instructions. It’s only $5.00 USD and all the proceeds go to DIF.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the event, call the Sonoran Resorts sales office at 602-476-7511 or locally in Puerto Peñasco at638-105-9357

sonoran-resorts-casino-night-2 Sonoran Resorts ready for 2nd Charity Casino Night 5/25!



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