Sonora Tourism support remains firm for Home Port

By José Antonio Pérez

Support of the Sonoran government for the Puerto Peñasco Cruise Ship Home Port project remains firm, stated Armando Ceceña Salido, General Coordinator of Sonora Tourism Promotion (COFETUR).  Therefore, he assured, they will continue to seek necessary resources for the project’s completion both from the current federal administration as well as the incoming administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

During a July 11th meeting with representatives from the local tourism industry to discuss joint plans to promote tourism, Ceceña Salido noted the home port is a project that has faced numerous obstacles though they continue to insist it is both feasible and positive for Puerto Peñasco.

He furthered though authorization was announced for 250 million pesos in funds for the project in 2018, these resources are not sufficient to complete the Home Port.  Therefore, this will depend on funds designated by the federal government and the new administration, which will enter into office in December.

The Sonora Tourism Coordinator explained his recent visit to Puerto Peñasco, which was his first as COFETUR Director, was to follow-up on the Home Port and other projects, while generating new opportunities, stating it is important that projects not only come down from the State level but rather through joint participation of local participants.



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