Sonora implements statewide “Anticipa” Covid Map

nov-anticipa-sonora-I Sonora implements statewide “Anticipa” Covid Map

The Sonora Health Board signed an agreement with municipalities across the state last week in an effort to combine efforts in the fight against Covid-19. The agreement, titled “Por un Semáforo Verde” (Towards a Green Alert), provides for a statewide Covid-19 map, broken down by municipality, in order to specify individual health risk levels as: maximum, high, medium, and low.  In general, this complements the national health risk alert “semaforo” system.

Sonora Secretary of Health Enrique Claussen stated the agency will publish weekly updates to the “Mapa Anticipa Sonora” (Sonora Advance Map) so that authorities from the three levels of government can implement necessary steps to continue to care for their communities.

The Office on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention of the Sonora Secretary of Health develops the Sonora Advance Map based on methodology and indicators established by the Federal Epidemiological Health Alert.

nov-anticipa-penasco-I Sonora implements statewide “Anticipa” Covid Map

Sonora remains at orange (high risk) on the National Health Risk Map (Semáforo Nacional).  The Sonora Advance Map released this week indicates each municipality in the state at orange as well.

semaforo-mexico-23-nov-6-dic Sonora implements statewide “Anticipa” Covid Map

To date, Puerto Peñasco has recorded 45 deaths due to Covid-19 this year and 292 official cases as reported by the Secretary of Health.  From March 16th to Nov. 29th, there have been 42,332 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Sonora, with 3,389 deaths.

29-nov-covid-Sonora Sonora implements statewide “Anticipa” Covid Map

29-nov-covid-muertos-sonora Sonora implements statewide “Anticipa” Covid Map



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