Sonora Governor reaches agreement on “Non-essential” travel limitation at Sonora border

State Press release. July 1, 2020. Filters to be installed along Sonora border entries to prevent mobility. Operations to begin this weekend (exact date not specified). Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich alerts those without essential activities will be turned back.

By José Antonio Pérez
As a measure to reduce risking the spread of Covid-19, health filters are to be set up across Sonora border municipalities for a temporary closure on “non-essential” travel from the US into Mexico in an effort to prevent mobility of persons within the state, announced Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano.

This comes following an increase in outbreaks of coronavirus in Arizona, along with the fast approaching U.S. 4th of July holiday.The Sonora Governor detailed plans include ensuring closure of beaches and navigation.Governor Pavlovich indicated having spoken with Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard concerning enforcement of closing the Sonora border to non-essential travel, who indicated the National Migration Institute (INM) would coordinate with the state government to set up filters at the border crossings.

“There will be filters along the border, in cities including San Luis Rio Colorado, Nogales, and Agua Prieta, on the (Sonora) border, to alert people they will not be able to enter Mexico unless it is for something essential,” affirmed the Governor, “This isn’t just for visitors to the beaches, but also municipalities in the mountains, we are all going to be on alert at this time to prevent whomever – fellow countrymen, US citizens, or others – who want to spend the weekend, that could weigh us down more heavily in the area of Covid.”

Pavlovich Arellano also asked Mexico’s Foreign Secretary to have Mexican embassies and consulates in Arizona provide notice that now is not the time to travel to Sonora, particularly because people will be turned back at the border. Access will only be permitted for essential activities, including work, commercial trade, labor, medical care and services, and activities related with health.

“Look, this isn’t just the border filter, it’s a beach filter, a filter for whatever municipality you want to go to, if you want to visit someone in a mountainous region in the communities of Rio Sonora, after all, we know which places our fellow countrymen and people from the US normally visit,” assured the Governor.

People from the health sector, National Migration Institute (INM), along with security members from the various levels of government will be at each of the filters set up at the US border with Sonora, finalized Governor Pavlovich.



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