Sonora agrees to visitors with prior reservations in Puerto Peñasco

RockyPoint360  July 3rd 4 p.m. PLEASE READ COMPLETELY – Below is the most recent State Press Release regarding travel to Puerto Peñasco this weekend from the US and encourage everyone to contact your hotel / resort / HOA for additional information and remain aware there is a possibility you will be asked to return to the U.S. despite all of the efforts indicated below.
Yesterday, the Puerto Peñasco business and tourism sector sent a request to Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich to reconsider recent travel limits this weekend near the Sonoyta border entry. This petition appears to have been favorably met, and Puerto Peñasco woke up today to news that visitors with reservations, along with residents, would be able to proceed with travel plans. A later development during the day was the Sonoyta mayor had yet to receive word from the Governor as to any change in the policy to limit non-essential travel, and many folk were still asked to return to the U.S. The Official State Press Release below, issued this afternoon, once again supports the reconsideration of the Governor to allow tourists with reservations to enter Puerto Peñasco at this time. However, after coming through the border into Mexico in Sonoyta there are a number of people that are still being asked to return to the US.  

Hermosillo, Sonora. July 3, 2020.  In a joint effort of hotel and resort operators in Puerto Peñasco, and as a product of strict protocols the municipality has taken to confront coronavirus (Covid-19), the state government has agreed to entry of visitors from the U.S. who can show they have a prior reservation for this weekend at Certified establishments that have fulfilled strict health measures.

Upon the request of Puerto Peñasco hotel and resort operators, the Sonora government agreed to allow entry to visitors, through safety filters installed at the Sonora border with the U.S., who can show they have a reservation at one of the Certified establishments in the municipality. In addition, sites receiving visitors will have to ensure rigorous health protocols to prevent the possible spread of coronavirus.

Furthermore, Mexican citizens and permanent residents showing proof of residency will still be permitted to enter through the safety filter at the border.

Hotel and resort operators have made the commitment that visitors will only have access to areas with strict safety and health standards, and that random rapid tests will be done at the filters in order to detect possible cases.

Sonoran business leaders acknowledged the good will of Governor Pavlovich, committing to maintain close coordination with the State Government to adequately reactive the municipality’s economy while at the same time confronting the Covid-19 pandemic.



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