Somerton, AZ and Puerto Peñasco become Sister Cities

By José Antonio Pérez

The 90th Anniversary celebrations marking the early foundations of Puerto Peñasco served as background for the formalization of a Sister City agreement between Somerton, Arizona and Puerto Peñasco.

Accompanied by San Luis, AZ mayor Gerardo Sanchez and Yuma, AZ mayor Douglas Nicholls, Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro and his counterpart José Yepes of Somerton signed the agreement meant to encourage better a better relationship between the two cities on either side of the border.

Mayor Yepes remarked he visited Puerto Peñasco for the first time when he was 8 years old, and has continued to travel to the area. He promised to become a promoter of Puerto Peñasco in Somerton, provided the family friendly environment and climate of safety are reasons for U.S. residents to visit Peñasco.

Peñasco mayor Munro emphasized the importance of strengthening the Puerto Peñasco-Arizona region, as Yuma, San Luis, and Somerton alone represent a potential of 250,000 tourists.

As part of the brief ceremony marking the launch of the Sister City relationship, Somerton mayor Yepes presented his Puerto Peñasco counterpart with keys to the City of Somerton while Mayor Munro presented Mayor Yepes with a framed official copy of the sister city agreement.

Somerton is located within Yuma county in southwestern Arizona, with a population of approximately 15,000.



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