“Snow Birds” flock back to Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

Puerto Peñasco is once again attracting those affectionately known as “snow birds”, or rather visitors who travel south to escape cold northern winters. This generates a positive boost on tourism in Puerto Peñasco during winter months, which are usually considered to be low season.

Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, president of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), detailed there has been a rebound in the flow of “snow birds” to the area in recent years. He added 2018 saw at least a 5% increase in visitors from the U.S., and a similar increase in the period spanning from December through February.  Once again, Vázquez del Mercado is betting on growing numbers of winter visitors through February 2019, noting intense promotional campaigns are already in place in the U.S.

The OCV President explained strategies are focused on showing “snow birds” that Puerto Peñasco has a similar climate to that of Arizona, which receives thousands of the winter visitors annually, yet with the benefit of sand and sea.



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