Skate park nears completion in Puerto Peñasco

Skateboarders in Puerto Peñasco, along with visitors, will have a new spot to shred in town with construction of a city skate park nearing completion.

As part of ongoing work on an athletic track and new recreational areas in town, the skate park is being built to provide youth, teen, and adult skater aficionados with their own spot. Skaters have long had to make their way to local parking lots and plazas to practice.

The new space, which is nearly three-quarters done, consists of a skate area, ramps, and planks for acrobatic tricks. The long awaited project will undoubtedly meet the needs for local skaters who get together daily to practice. So indicates Jimmy Maldonado, who in addition to being a local professional photographer, takes his time to fully enjoy the speed of this extreme sport.

“My guys are really excited about the project, and that’s because there was no where to skate. So that’s where they’ll be, it’s perfect,” he adds.

As indicated, the skate park is part of a larger recreational project that includes an athletic track along with soccer fields and courts for additional sports.

The skate park itself comes as a result of the growing number of skaters in town, plus the support of the “Uncle Skate” foundation in the U.S. who specializes in the construction of skate parks.

Throughout the project, local resident and skate aficionado Tommy Haines has been taking pictures of progress on the park and sending them to Uncle Skate (Skaters helping Skaters).

According to plans at the Public Projects office, the new skate park should be completely done before the beginning of September.



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