Sin Bolsa por favor – No bag please

Plastic bag ban in Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco Ecology and Sustainable Development Director Marcia Ortega Morales highlighted current policies to reduce the use of plastic bags in Puerto Peñasco. Three months following modification to the Municipal Ordinance meant to ban and/or limit use of plastic bags at businesses across the city, no fines have been imposed though site visits and monitoring are taking place.

direccion-ecologia Sin Bolsa por favor - No bag please

Ortega Morales detailed the City continues to promote the informational campaign, deemed “Sin bolsa por favor” (No bag please). This effort aims to raise consciousness throughout the community that businesses are not permitted to indiscriminately give out plastic bags – such as at supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc.  While giving out plastic bags can lead to fines eventually, Ortega stressed the most important thing at the moment is to raise awareness about the overall campaign.

sin-bolsa-2021-letrero Sin Bolsa por favor - No bag please

In May, 2021, the Puerto Peñasco City Council approved a ban on the use of plastic bags at businesses across the municipality.  The ordinance establishes businesses can give out one “t-shirt” plastic bag, which should also be reusable. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to bring along reusable bags when out shopping. This, emphasizes the Ecology Director, will contribute in helping to keep Puerto Peñasco clean by decreasing the number of plastic bags found in fences, along city streets, and even on beaches or in the sea.



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