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August 21, 2019

Sights set on improving road up Whale Hill

cerro-ballena2 Sights set on improving road up Whale Hill

Opened in 1993 as an access to the restaurant La Casa del Capitan, as well as facilities of the SCT and National Water Commission (CONAGUA), the road leading up the west side of Whale Hill is slated to be paved through use of hydraulic concrete.

Through an investment of over 7 million pesos, the project begun just weeks ago is programmed to be completed within three months. It is believed this will benefit restaurateurs on Whale Hill, as well as dozens of employees, residents, construction projects, and tourists who make their way to the spot, which serves as a popular overlook point.

Javier Garcia Barbosa, owner of La Casa del Capitan and who first opened the access route up Whale Hill (Cerro de la Ballena), noted that both he and other business owners in the area have been requesting support from municipal officials to improve the road for more than 23 years. He indicated the business owners have had to provide constant maintenance to the road, and particularly when it rains, with costs reaching up to 10,000 pesos per occurrence.

The current work, which has existed as a pending project for the past six years in SIDUR (Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Development), consists of 4000 meters of hydraulic concrete with gutters to allow for water flow in the event of rain.

The project aims to improve value to the area while above all providing easy access for visitors and taxis who presently sometimes opt out of driving up Whale Hill. Furthermore, the objective is to provide greater movement for new businesses.  Presently, alternative route up Whale Hill is open on west side of convenience store beyond Jessy’s & Alberto’s Fish Market.



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