Sights set on advancing Home Port in Rocky Point

Sonora Governor Alfonso Durazo Montaño continues to stress the goal of promoting cruise lines in the Sea of Cortez, noting progress in the goal to rescue and restart Rocky Point’s Home Port.

At a press conference during one of his recent visits to Puerto Peñasco, Governor Durazo detailed current promotional work with cruise lines looking to make the Sea of Cortez an attractive route for 2-4 night cruises. While not on a grand scale, it’s worth noting these efforts did lead to the December arrival of a cruise ship to the port of Guaymas.

The Puerto Peñasco Home Port, meant to be a departure and arrival port for cruise ships into the Sea of Cortez, was begun in 2013 and progressed about 40% toward completion before being mired in litigation.  At the time, the project was expected to cost 1.2 billion pesos.

home-port-construction-630x945 Sights set on advancing Home Port in Rocky Point

The Governor explained if the government moves forward with the project in Puerto Peñasco, the litigation would be null and void. Through negotiations with cruise lines, along with progress to infrastructure, there could one day be the possibility of providing good news as to a cruise line’s interest in the Sea of Cortez.

Governor Durazo has repeatedly emphasized the strategic importance of Puerto Peñasco for tourism in northwestern Mexico.  With its proximity to the urban centers of Arizona, Puerto Peñasco has the opportunity to be a gateway to the Sea of Cortez for thousands of cruisegoers. This would represent economic advantages and a boost in tourism for Sonora in general, which is the overall goal.

Currently, the unfinished home port jetty extends into the water just to the east of the Reef and has become a popular spot for snorkeling or scuba diving when the water is clear.



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