Shrimp boats readying for 2019-2020 season

By José Antonio Pérez Between 60 and 70% of Puerto Peñasco’s shrimping fleet have undergone repairs and preparation for the upcoming shrimping season, though the price of marine diesel has not improved and profitability of the fishing activity is complicated, reported Mateo López León, President of the Upper Gulf of California Shipowners Federation. López León indicated the sector is being hit more than ever before, meaning there aren’t any high hopes for the coming season though efforts are still being put toward maintaining economic activity and job creation. It is estimated that between now and mid-September, when the 2019-2020 season is expected to start, the 120 ships of the fleet will be ready to set sail, insisting on fishing in traditional areas of capture, including the area of the Upper Gulf of California. López León leader praised efforts of producers to sustain maintenance of their vessels, since this creates conditions for better results in the 2019-2020 fishing season. He also highlighted that for some time now, additional care is being put toward preparing boats each season while allowing for a natural rest period at sea to help fisheries recover.
shrimp-boats-rocky-point Shrimp boats readying for 2019-2020 season



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