Shop locally & we all win!

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

compra-y-gana-poster-4 Shop locally & we all win! The local chapter of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) invites residents and visitors of Puerto Peñasco to shop locally this summer with the launch of the campaign “Compramos en Peñasco, Todos Ganamos” (Shopping in Peñasco, We all Win)! The campaign, aimed at promoting the idea of shopping locally, will culminate on October 11th with the raffling off of more than 500 items ranging from backpacks to refrigerators and TVs! From now through October shoppers will receive raffle tickets from participating businesses for every 150 pesos in purchases.

DSCN0354 Shop locally & we all win! During a press conference on July 3rd in CANACO’s ample meeting room, project promoter Elia Neida Javalera Chávez explained the principal objective of this campaign is to motivate people to shop locally while strengthening commerce under a strategy in which everyone wins.

Javalera noted the idea to launch this campaign in the summer is reflected in the ongoing increase in tourists to the area during June, July, and August. This increase, she added, has been notable since 2009 and particularly over the past two years. The growing mining industry and needs of local fishermen add to this upturn in consumers, who are further encouraged to buy locally.

DSCN0358 Shop locally & we all win! Puerto Peñasco CANACO President, Antonio Mendívil Garcia, stressed local businesses have the tremendous advantage of knowing their customers personally. By encouraging people to shop here in Puerto Peñasco, consumers in turn have the advantage of being able to improve business practices by talking with friends and fellow business owners.

Businesses interested in being part of the program do not necessarily have to be affiliated with CANACO as the idea is to promote local business overall. Participating businesses have various options to choose from, each determining the amount of raffle tickets they will have available and posters they can display in their stores.

To become a participating business in “Compramos en Peñasco, Todos Ganamos” contact the local CANACO (need not be a member to participate):  or Tel: 638 383 4468

The offices of the Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce are located on the East side of the Plaza del Camarón, offering accessible membership costs for entrepreneurs, as well as small, medium, and large businesses in town.

DSCN0360 Shop locally & we all win!
Deputy Municipal Treasurer Célida Botello Navarro, City councilperson Sergio Alberto Vega Gómez, CANACO President Antonio Mendívil García, Lidia Gutiérrez Pérez, project coordinator Elia Neida Javalera Chávez, and Deputy Labor Secretary Claudia Leticia Zamora



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