SCMA 43rd Annual 3 Flags Classic to start from Puerto Peñasco

The 43rd edition of the SCMA 3 Flags Classic, which revs up with check-in Aug. 30th in Puerto Peñasco, will include bikers from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.

The 3 Flags Classic is a traditional annual motorcycle run organized by the Southern California Motorcycle Association in which over 250 adventurous bikers brave the desert heat of Sonora and Arizona, the Rocky Mountains, riding all the way to the greeting of Canada’s intense cold.

On the run, riders from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. will cross 3500 kilometers (2175 miles) over4 riding days, facing varied challenges after leaving Puerto Peñasco as the make their way to Calgary, Canada. This edition marks Puerto Peñasco’s second participation in the event as last year the route wound up on our shores.

The 3 Flags Classic is not a race and no records are kept. It is only about riders living the experience together, taking part in an exciting ride that will expose them to different weather, terrain, and personalities.

All participants receive ride packages, which generally contain a plaque, 3FC passport, preferred route sheet, decal, pin, shirt, and cap.  Contact SCMA for more information on this and future 3 Flags rides.




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