Rubber Ducky Race 7/21!

If you look out over the water on July 21st, somewhere right between Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea, you may spot ducks rather than dolphins. As a fundraiser for La Esperanza para Nueva Vida Community Center in the eastern part of the rubber-ducky Rubber Ducky Race 7/21!city, steadfast community supporter Barbara Olszewski has nearly 1500 rubber duckies that will race toward shore, with the “herding” assistance from nearby kayaks, after being launched from the “About Time” boat at about 10 a.m.  on the 21st.

With just a week to go for the fundraiser, Barb explains nearly 600 duckies have already been sponsored and people are still invited to join in on the fun by sponsoring a duck for $5 US or 3 duckies for $10.  To make the morning “duck races” even more fun, we hear a group of people are getting together for breakfast at Ramón’s at Sonoran Sea, and then heading to the shore with mimosas in hand.  To the races*!

To become a ducky sponsor, contact Barb at:  Mex: 383-4963   Cel:  044 638-114-2406   US:  602-324-9529   *Need not be present to win*

For more duck info, check out this great article by Sonoran Resorts blogger Joe Houchin: Rubber Ducky Race July 21st will raise money for La Esperanza para Nueva Vida Community Center

ducks-j-houchin Rubber Ducky Race 7/21!
Photo: Joe Houchin



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