Road work turns to Blvd. Fremont and Ave. Luis Encinas

Work has begun on repaving Blvd. Fremont and Ave. Luis Encinas.  Boulevard Fremont, detailed Mayor Kiko Munro, will be paved from the intersection with Boulevard Benito Juárez to the traffic circle located near Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez at the southern entrance to the city.

“The project consists of both repaving and paving this important city route with asphalt, as well as leveling areas for new pavement. This will also consist of re-leveling drainage, installation of abduction wells, residential outlets and sanitation discharges, in addition to the LED lamps that are already in place,” stressed the mayor.

He added the project will receive an investment of approximately 14.8 million pesos, and should last 8 to 10 weeks.

Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, Director of Public Projects, further explained “the section to be repaved will receive a three centimeter layer on top of existing asphalt; where there is no pavement will be leveled and adequately compacted in order to raise the asphalt to five centimeters.”

Work resumes on repaving Luis Encinas

Work that had been postponed on Ave. Luis Encinas has resumed after addressing the lack of poor underground infrastructure along the avenue.

“Prior to repaving, we set to the task of resolving the problem of sewage lines and water pipes as they were in very poor condition. Therefore, we did not want to invest resources in vain as we would have had to go back and pull up the road in order to address any future problems,” explained Mayor Kiko Munro.

The rehabilitation, he stated, will take place from Calle 13 to No Reelección, and will include an investment of 10,087,746 pesos.



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