Registration open for Municipal Art & Culture Programs

Registration is now open for those wishing to participate in programs of the Municipal Office on Art and Culture, as well as for students interested in the Fine Arts Initiation School of the National Fine Arts Institute (EIAA).

Municipal Art and Culture Director Nina Mier Nogales stated the new cycle of courses will begin September 5th, and invites anyone interested to visit the Office on Art and Culture in order to register.

Together with the Director of the local Casa de la Cultura, Beatriz Salido Macías, Mier Nogales detailed the various programs open to the community include: Municipal Music School, Municipal Polynesian Dance School, Municipal Classical Dance School, and the Fine Arts Initiation School. The majority of programs are open to participants of all ages, with the exception of the Fine Arts program which is open to children 9 – 13 looking to study dance, theater, music, and visual arts.

For more information, visit the offices of the Municipal Casa de la Cultura (across from City Hall next to the Municipal Library), 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. or contact: 388 6375



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