Reflections on the beginning of Spring 2012

primavera-fria-620x312 Reflections on the beginning of Spring 2012

Slacks and a sweater for Spring

For days now, the change of season could already be perceived in the air. The typical warmth of  this time of year was beginning to be felt. I was already prepared for a change of wardrobe, and to let myself be seduced by the sun’s rays; nevertheless, this past weekend was a complete surprise. The weather changed completely, the wind let loose and grew in intensity as the hours passed, and a nearly winter chill hung in the air. I exchanged my blouse for a windbreaker, and by Monday I decidedly changed this up for a sweatshirt. I decided to celebrate my “long weekend*” wrapped up. I don’t think I was the only one. *The three day weekend in Mexico is known as the “puente”, or bridge). This puente was in honor of the birthday of Benito Juarez.

Even so, people took advantage of the strong winds to cruise around by bike (hopefully not in an ultra-light), and to take in the full “exfoliating” experience much as an adventurer in the Sahara; and the beach, though under cloud cover, this possessed almost a romantic air – truly a natural spectacle that is not seen just anywhere.

Obviously, it was not quite what one expects of a beachside spot; sand, sun, perfect weather, and running around in a bathing suit, but one must remember this is the desert, and the desert is mischievous as well as extreme. The cold, despite its sabotaging intents, could not dampen the fiesta enthusiasm, as in the end the local bars and restaurants simply closed their doors and human warmth, along with tequila that ignites the soul, did their thing.

primavera-fria-o2-620x413 Reflections on the beginning of Spring 2012True, a concert was cancelled, but it was an outdoor event and we would have all been at risk (I’m not just speaking of filling one’s mouth and eyes with sand, which undoubtedly may lead to severe infections). Nevertheless, the party in the bar in front of the deserted concert venue simply did not slow down.

This was then followed by a frigid Monday, which can often help with recovering one’s strength, giving over to laziness without regret whatsoever, with or without a blanket, and watching a movie or having a get together at home. This may be considered a breather just before the dramatic return of sun-embellished life…and also to enjoy before the true heat envelops the city and we wish for a cloud to pass by in the brilliant blue sky.

Spring officially began at exactly 11:14 p.m. (Central time) on Monday, March 19 (as it is a leap-year), and I continued to be cold and, according to the car’s thermometer, it was only about 48°F at 11:30 p.m. On Tuesday, Spring began on a good foot – a completely blue sky without a cloud to be seen, a beaming sun, and a refreshing breeze. It was nothing like the days just prior. Yet, as I said, the desert is mischievous, intriguing, and it even has a good sense of humor.

MoKa H.



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