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Local Red Cross meets fundraising goals

By José Antonio Pérez

May 17, 2017.  With just two weeks to go in its annual fundraising drive, the local Red Cross announced it has already surpassed its 2017 goals. Local Red Cross Board President Julio César Valenzuela detailed by mid May they had raised 526,360 pesos, which is nearly 80,000 pesos over collections in 2016, and by May 30th they anticipate the fundraising drive to round out near 600,000 pesos.   To date, he furthered, fundraising efforts have included 40,000 pesos from public servants at City Hall, 108,000 pesos from local businesses, 347,000 pesos from donation buckets along area streets, and 30,000 pesos contributed by the Naval Sector.  The annual Red Cross fundraising drive formally ends May 30th, though collection sites may be spotted over particularly busy weekends to further support expenses of the institution.


May marks beginning of Hurricane Season

By José Antonio Pérez

May 15, 2017.  May 15th officially marks the beginning of the 2017 hurricane season in the Pacific Ocean, which concludes November 30th.  Puerto Peñasco Civil Protection and Fire Department Director Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz details at least 16 storms are anticipated this season, which is five less than 2016, noting the department will remain watchful and alert to systems moving into northwestern Sonora, as well as in identifying shelter spaces as needed.  He added that hurricane risks in this part of Sonora are not high, we the peninsula of Baja California represents a natural barrier in reducing the impact of storms. Historically, in the past 20 years Puerto Peñasco has only felt effects from four hurricanes: Nora (1997), Juliette (2001), Marty (2003), and Odile (2014), all of which took place in September.


Red Cross paramedic school continues to grow

By José Antonio Pérez

May 11, 2017.  Since it began in 2014, the Puerto Peñasco Paramedic School at the Red Cross has seen sustained growth. Currently, two EMT classes are completing coursework simultaneously, detailed EMT Coordinator Miguel Ángel Ibarra Lomelí, with 22 set to graduate in June with another 18 halfway through their studies.  Given the city’s own growth, Ibarra Lomelí emphasized the importance of ensuring more people are prepared to respond to emergency situations. He noted Puerto Peñasco ranks among the top in the state for car accidents, as illustrated in the more than 5000 emergency services provided by the institution yearly.  He detailed that with paramedics who have completed certification, as well as those about to graduate, the local Red Cross will have at least 50 certified EMTs within the institution.










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