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August 24, 2019

Ready to dig in! High expectations for 2017 Taste of Peñasco!

There are high expectations for this weekend’s resounding return of the Taste of Peñasco, come rain or shine!  Now celebrating its 9th course (well, year) of food & fun, the Taste of Peñasco has gone from a head-to-head “Iron / Top Chef” competition to a culinary fair, and even to offering a real “taste” of the community through arts and music alongside several tasty dishes. If you’ve been to a Taste of Peñasco in the past, there are some key things to keep in mind as you gear up your tastebuds:

TOP-taste-newlogo2 Ready to dig in! High expectations for 2017 Taste of Peñasco!When?   Saturday, February 18th   12 pm – 7 pm

Where?  Peñasco del Sol Hotel (at end of Calle 13). If weather permits, stands will be beachside. Inclement weather will move stands to the ballrooms / foyer of the Peñasco del Sol Convention Center  (Look for people indicating where to go)

Parking? The “explanade” of the Peñasco del Sol Hotel will be open for parking. This is past the hotel, and on the far side of the Marina Pinacate condos / villas. (Again, look for folks pointing the way)

Cost?   No entry cost though food tickets are $1 US/each (available inside).  At each restaurant spot, two “taster” dishes will be available for 1 to 3 tickets  ($1 US – $3 US). Food purchases ONLY with tickets por favor.  However, as one of the groups benefiting from the event is “2 Fish Ministries” attendees are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to donate. Food collection baskets will be set up around the Taste.  Tickets will also be needed for drink purchases during the Taste.

Salsa?  This year there will be a salsa competition. Salsa that burns your lips, that is, not that shakes your hips.  Look for the greeter at the “Salsa Garden” and purchase a red bead for $1 US. After trying all 8 salsas, drop your red bead in the bucket in front of your favorite salsa provider.  This is a “People’s Choice” award so everybody’s vote counts. Dig in!

taste-salsa Ready to dig in! High expectations for 2017 Taste of Peñasco!Food competition?  While there won’t be head-to-head Iron/T.O.P. Chef timed competitions as in the past, each and every restaurant at the Taste will be up for the prize of Judges Choice.  Each restaurant will be preparing 2 dishes for folks to try throughout the day, selecting their very best to present to the judges who will begin to make their rounds at about 2 p.m.  YOU TOO CAN BE A JUDGE as one of the raffle prizes is precisely a chance to be a Taste Judge.

Raffle prizes?  Yes! In addition to the possibility of winning a chance to be the Guest Taste Judge, there will be plenty of raffle prizes to be had.  Proceeds from raffle tickets are for the three organizations benefiting from this year’s Taste:  2 Fish Ministries, the local Red Cross, and The Santa Claus Club.  Raffle tickets can be bought individually for $5 US or 5 for $20 US.

Drinks?  Well, you need something to wash it all down, don’t you?  There will be 3 bars, including a wine bar. Drink purchases with tickets purchased near entrance.

Music & Community?  Several local musicians and artists will be on hand to entertain all Taste goers. Plus, local artisans along with event/activity/service providers are taking part in helping to illustrate all there is to do and see (well, and taste) in Rocky Point!  Hint: Be sure to visit our RockyPoint360.com stand!!

taste-poster2017-1 Ready to dig in! High expectations for 2017 Taste of Peñasco!








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