Ready for the Eddies? Nominations now open!

For a third consecutive year, Eddie Wharez has opened up the call for nominees for this year’s Eddie Awards, which recognizes both local and visiting artists from the past year. Everyone is invited to participate in helping to uncover those artists of 2014, along with cultural promoters, whose work, participation and creativity stood out both in Puerto Peñasco and beyond.

eddies-gaby Ready for the Eddies? Nominations now open!
2014 Fan Favorite Gabriela Solis

What’s new this year? In addition to awards in the area of lifetime achievement (over 50), youth artists (under 25), consolidated artists (25+), groups, visiting artist, and social media fan-favorite, a new category has been opened for folk-artists whose work deserves well recognition.

To nominate artists, as well as to vote, as in years past go to the Facebook page of Eddie Wharez Diseños Casa y Jardín en Puerto Peñasco, upload a picture of your nominee along with a brief description of their background and why you are nominating them (Nominations may be done in English or Spanish).

The judging panel for this year will be made up by Victor Alemán of the Aléman Art Gallery, Gabriela Solís Palafox of the “Luis & Gaby” Art Gallery, Shandra Keesecker of Rocky Point 360 news and events outlet, and journalist Azucena Mazón. As you may recall, those on the jury cannot be nominated and may not nominate.

The call for nominees opened on Jan. 6th and will be open through Jan. 16th online. The awards ceremony will take place on January 17th, 2014 at the 2015 Eddie Awards held at the facility right across the street from Eddie Wharez® Diseños Casa y Jardín on Calle Revolución (former road to La Cholla – in the curios area) at 5 p.m. sharp.

Nomination requirements

Open to individuals originally from Puerto Peñasco, even if not currently residing here, as well as residents who have been living in Puerto Peñasco for a minimum of 2 years. Nominees who have been active in any artistic discipline or cultural dissemination during 2014 (previous Eddie winners may not be nominated again).


1) Lifetime: Any artist or cultural promoter, minimum 50 years old, who has a proven background in the arts. Award may be granted posthumously in recognition of their work.

2) Open category: open to all artistic disciplines in the following sub-categories:

  1. Youth artist, including group or individual, under 25 years old.
  2. Consolidated artist, minimum 25 years old and up
  3. Artists in a group

3) Social media fan favorite (this is the only award decided by the public through “likes” on Facebook. In order for vote to be counted, voters must first “like” the Facebook page Eddie Wharez Diseños Casa y Jardín en Puerto Peñasco

4) Best visiting artist: Open to instructors, work shop leaders, exhibitors, musicians, and other artists who visited our city during 2014, providing a real positive impact on our port.

5) Artisan (Folk-artist) of the year. Due to confusion that has arisen in past years in defining art and folk-art, this new category will provided additional options for our dear local artisans.

Former Eddie Winners


Lifetime Achievement:  Armando “Kennedy” Noriega, musician and composer

Open Category: Guillermo Munro Colosio (Memuco), painter, graphic designer

Special Eddie:  Nina Mier, cultural promoter


Fan Favorite: Painter Gabriela Solis Palofax

Lifetime Achievement Award: Award-winning novelist, painter, filmmaker, chronicler Don Guillermo Munro Palacio

Open Category (individual over 25): Photographer Jesusa Gamboa  (“La China que vi” photo exhibition)

Youth Category (under 25, group or individual):  Yuvid Castro (painter and visual artist)

Group: Agua de Coco (salsa, reggae band)

Best Visiting Artist: Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers

Cultural Promoter: Shandra Keesecker of Rocky Point 360

Honorable Eddies:  singer Alan Munro, model Reyna Levya, Guille “the Eternal Princess” Salazar, and the team of Rocky Point 360



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