RCPM January Jam 2019 – Amplifying the Fun

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers ready for January Jam 2019 to be held in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora Jan. 18-20.

After passing the decade mark last year, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers’ January Jam is just over a week away from again hitting the shores of Puerto Peñasco What began in 2008 following a turbo recording session in Cholla Bay, culminating in a seaside jam at JJ’s Cantina, the winter kick-off-the-year-with-tequila-and-rock’n-roll fiesta has paced itself nicely over the years, spreading out to more venues than ever before. We recently caught up with RCPM front man Roger Clyne himself, along with January Jam event promoter Greg Ross, for some extra details to help get our jam on January 18th thru the 20th.

january-jam-roger-clyne RCPM January Jam 2019 – Amplifying the Fun

RP360:  Thanks for your time again.  The line-up for this year’s January Jam points to inclusion of a lot more venues, and what seems like even more bands – plus two nights of RCPM, including two sets on Saturday. How do you expect this year will differ from past Jams?

January Jam:  We try not to make expectations if possible, rather we try to put together what we feel will encompass what RCPM, fans, and Mexico all have in common and let it unfold organically. We have a good mix of new and favorite musicians coming – it will be fun to see how it all plays out.

RP360:  Miles Nielsen – from Circus Mexico 2018 – will be a nice addition for this year, along with lots of returning musicians.

January Jam:  As for Miles, he’s fit in since his first visit to CM in 2016; a great musician and friend. Prying him out of Rockford, IL in January wasn’t hard.   We have more musicians for JanJam than we’ve ever brought – but we’re also lucky to have Jason DeVore & The Conviction opening for RCPM Friday and Saturday nights. Jason leads Authority Zero, a great band which travels the world playing to huge crowds especially in Europe. Also, Morgan Whitney is making her way down from Oregon to play Banditos Sunday night at 7 p.m.

We encourage everybody to show up early and catch Jason, Miles, and all bands playing throughout the weekend. A list of shows is at www.januaryjam.net

RP360: Ah yes, this year the jam’s got its own website.

janjam2019 RCPM January Jam 2019 – Amplifying the Fun

January Jam:  But…. We can’t forget to shine a light on the world premier of DJJD hitting the Banditos stage Friday night at 11 pm, Dickbird meets Skrillex. Boom.

RP360:  Indeed, I recall Jim Dalton strumming that tune up and down Puerto Peñasco’s beaches during Circus Mexicus last year (to the chagrin of some, and joy of others).  Speaking of up and down the beach, we’ve received a lot of questions about new venues for this year – particularly in adding Las Palomas to Friday night’s concert mix. How did Las Palomas become part of the line-up, and what can you tell us about the spot?

January Jam:  Hector Vázquez del Mercado and everybody at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort have supported our events in Peñasco for years, including the Mexican Moonshine Golf Classic (Saturday morning), this year’s Gonzo & Friends Golf Tournament (Sunday), Circus Mexicus, and of course January Jam. Bringing Las Palomas into the mix made a lot of sense, and allowed us to bring a new VIP event during the day at JJ’s Cantina on Sunday afternoon.

Las Palomas will provide free parking at the golf course clubhouse on Friday night, as well as along the street between Sandy Beach Blvd. and the clubhouse. Taxis will be available to and from there as well.  Beach chairs and blankets are welcome to the Friday night show at Las Palomas, plus Saturday night at Banditos  – please don’t bring beach chairs to Wrecked or JJ’s on Sunday.

RP360:  From what we understand the concert that night will be set up just east of Phase I of Las Palomas.

January Jam: Yes, that’s right.

RP360:  The VIP 3-day tickets went quick this year; what type of numbers are you expecting overall and, while more common for the throngs that visit Rocky Point in June for Circus Mexicus, are there folks coming in from beyond Arizona for Jan Jam?

January Jam:  We capped the number of VIP tickets to make sure those spending more dough get good value in return. Yes, we were pleasantly surprised by the early response! We’re all working hard to make a great weekend for all ticket buyers, and everybody with the band is very appreciative.

We do have some ticket buyers from Colorado, California, Utah, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, and likely a few other places…obviously it’s a much smaller attendance than Circus Mexicus, but we do anticipate a good showing from those shivering in some miserably cold locales coming to thaw out in Peñasco. We think we’ll end up with a few more people coming this year, especially resulting from Luis Gonzalez’s charity golf tournament being held on Sunday, Jan. 20th at Las Palomas.

Also on Sunday, beginning at 1:30 p.m., all ticket buyers are invited to JJ’s Cantina to catch Miles Nielsen before heading over to Wrecked at the Reef for RCPM at 4:00 p.m.

RP360:  Are there deals on tickets for Mexican nationals, or rather RCPM’s growing local audiencia?

January Jam:  Yes! They can join the party with $15 General Admission tickets to any of the shows at Las Palomas, Banditos, or Wrecked at the Reef – this represents a little more than 50% discounts. Sorry, this isn’t for dual citizens; Mexican nationals are asked to bring a form of federally issued ID (IFE / INE  ID).

RP360:  Good to know, plus it’s worth noting RCPM has garnered more local followers in recent years (expats and locals alike).  In talking about the community of Puerto Peñasco, charitable efforts are always part of any RCPM jam session in town. With two golf tournaments over the weekend, plus raffle prizes (ah yes, drawing on Sunday), how do you see these efforts impacting the area?

January Jam:  Following our weekends, we take input from several sources throughout Peñasco, and support who we can with what we’ve raised. It’s also been amazing to watch fans create their own charitable efforts for Peñasco throughout the years, with campaigns on social media, gofundme, etc.

mexican-moonshine-tequila-classic-19-900x1200 RCPM January Jam 2019 – Amplifying the Fun

We’re grateful to the same core of friends and fans who, at the request of PH Naffah 10 years ago, have been raising money at EVERY RCPM weekend in Peñasco since 2008! They work their asses off every year. As the shows have grown, so has the generosity of everybody who comes down. Please bring a few bucks to the Will Call locations to buy raffle tickets at January Jam to win one of a kind RCPM experiences, Circus Mexicus VIPS, Dbacks schwag, and much more. Big thanks to all!

RP360:  So, Roger, welcome home …pues, aquí es su casa… January Jam seems to have grown off its seaside stage at JJ’s as it expands across town. However, as the site for that first Turbo Ocho impromptu concert in 2008, what does JJ’s represent for RCPM in Rocky Point?

RCPM-JJJJ-V-17-980x653 RCPM January Jam 2019 – Amplifying the Fun

Roger Clyne:  JJ’s has always been, and will always be, a special place for us in Peñasco. As a venue, it complements other venues we play in Peñasco very well. But it goes beyond that, it’s about the people at JJ’s – as well as Banditos, Wrecked, Chango’s, Capone’s, Boo Bar, Xochitl’s, Tekila Bar, Señor Amigos – and wherever else we’ve hosted shows that makes our experience in Peñasco grand. Our mission is to unite while amplifying the fun.

RP360:  Last year of course marked January Jam’s 10th anniversary, plus another busy year in general for RCPM, including a first ever UK tour.  Yet in 2019 RCPM will be celebrating your 20th Anniversary – what else does 2019 hold in store?

Roger Clyne: Thank you, 2018 was an amazing year for us in our journey. We’ve got some special surprises in store for 2019 while focusing on writing new material for future release. I’m working hard to carve out more time in Cholla Bay with pen and paper in 2019.

RP360: Looking forward to that, not to mention our long-standing promise to hit the ciudad sometime when you’re not performing. Always a pleasure, and ready to pace ourselves.  ¡Gracias y salud!

With under ten days to go for January Jam 2019, condos are still available by contacting RPR Mexico at 866.483.3379 and at www.laspalomasresort.net  Discounted tickets are on sale at www.januaryjam.net through January 17th. Following the 17th, ticket prices will increase both online and at the door.

Also, all resorts, home rentals, and hotels in Puerto Peñasco are taking reservations now for Circus Mexicus June 6-9, 2019 All are expected to eventually sell out, so everyone is encouraged to reserve spots now. Tickets for Circus Mexicus will go on sale in early March, and we’ll have info posted on Circus Mexicus social media as well as www.circusmexicus.net



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